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5 Ways To Handle A Social Media Attack

5 Ways To Handle A Social Media Attack. Social Media is the most powerful tool of communication and has many professional and personal advantages. It has the power to build and destroy , the effect it has grown to have on people is unbelievable.

The sad part about social media is that you can’t control what people say to you or about you. Celebrity or not , you get attacked in social media for things you do and say. You get high chances of being attacked if you most likely in the public eye or attention.

When you receive negative feedback , it is always important that you think before you act. Below are tips ensured to help you overcome social media attack, there’s more but these should be able to help you cope for the time being.

1.Don’t panic , don’t freak out , suspend judgment, don’t take what has been said personally, resist the urge to act right away, exhale deeply and think of what options exist.

2.Figure out if and how you want to respond, consider the motive of the attacker , are they just seeking attention , are they misinformed, what’s the best approach and how to minimize the harm caused by this situation?

3.Determine how to best remedy the harm. Don’t put fire to the situation because of your emotions rather get some extinguisher to put out the fire. Thinking something before you react is always best.

4.Respond once you’ve managed to find a way that won’t be too harsh nor too nice to your attacker , you can do this publicly or take it to the inbox addressing them personally . Be mature and civil about it. People will always talk.Be the bigger person and make them realise their mistake unintentionally. Remember that not everyone is going to like what you do or say, it is within your power to decide what gets to you or not.

5.Plan in Advance , how to monitor what people say about you and how can it be used as a way to strategise.

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