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5 Tips On How To Party Safely

A night fun-filled , good music to dance to and drinks to keep your blood warm is all that is needed in this stressful life. Just that one night of forgetting about everything and enjoying the time to live in the moment. It’s all fun isn’t it? You feel like you have planet earth I’m the palm of your hands.

Partying is one thing most young people know as the exact definition of fun. What they forget is that as much as it can be all ecstatic and pleasuring it has it’s negatives.

Most young people attend parties with little or less knowledge of how the atmosphere is or what actually happens there. Whether or not you used to letting loose and getting your groove on it is always essential to be safe.

Below are the tips to help you party safely , remember that a party is a one night thing that can ruin your whole life but that can be avoided granted the tips to guide you into having fun wisely.

1. Bare in mind of what could go wrong on parties first , fix yourself to avoiding all of that. Unprotected sex, violence, sexual assault, getting arrested , spiking , peer pressure, drink driving, drinking and drugs.

2. Make smart decisions , remember that you do not have to use alcohol or any other type of drugs to have fun. Eat well before you leave home. A full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol.

3. Know where you going and how you getting there , plan before you depart on how you going to get home at any time, can either have an extra cash on you for an Uber or a reliable friend to get you home whenever you want.

4. Drink moderately , don’t leave your drink unattended, decide on a drink limit and stick to it. While drinking try to avoid taking drugs with alcohol you might get out of control and end up turning your night of fun into a nightmare.

5.Take condoms with you , you might no plan on having sex but in parties you never know , anything is possible especially when one is under the influence of alcohol. Leave the party before everyone else to keep your dignity intact.

Be safe… Parties have damaged a lot more than they have done good…we want fun , but we have got to be cautious and smart about it.

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