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5 Proactive Ways To Be A Reliable Person

Being reliable is an important building block in the foundation of your life. We have all experienced reliable and unreliable people . We admire the reliable, and avoid the unreliable. So how do you become a person worthy of admiration? Here are 10 maxims to live by to become a reliable person.

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1. Live up to your promises

Make sure to always deliver your promises. If you set a deadline for yourself, then try to meet it no matter what. It’s empty promises that can make people not trust your words. While it’s necessary to know your strengths, it’s also important to be aware of your weaknesses. Don’t take too much on your plate, or you’ll end up backtracking what you’ve said you will do.

2. Own up to your mistakes

One thing that’s difficult for many is to have accountability. But only when you know how to take responsibility for your actions will you manage to gain someone’s respect. Don’t beat yourself up too much when you commit mistakes, because everyone does it, too. However, learn to accept the consequences of your actions and don’t find something or someone else to blame.

3. Don’t leave other people hanging

If you make a promise that you can’t meet because of truly terrible and unforeseen circumstances,  let the person know as soon as possible. Bite the bullet and do not wait until the last minute to tell them that you can not do it. If you are late, call ahead to let the person know that when you will meet instead of letting them wonder where you are.

4. Be consistent

Consistency is a huge part of reliability. People who lack consistency fail to gain the trust of others. The reliable man develops consistency by setting goals for himself that stretch and challenge him, but are doable day after day.

5. Be honest

Deceiving others is not simply a matter of lying, cheating, and stealing. It can be in a look or a gesture. We can tell a lie by omission or  when we pass along gossip. Anything that leads people to believe something that isn’t true is dishonest.


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