10 Institutions Offering Training Programmes in South Africa

Here are 10 Institutions offering training programmes in South Africa…..


1. Guarantee Trust Corporate Support Services

This project involves scaling up the work readiness programme for youth in the banking and micro-finance sector skills run by the BANKSETA, focusing on addressing the constraints to employing youth in the finance sector. The project also goes beyond technical skills, to build workplace and communication skills amongst youth participants.

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2. Manpower

Manpower has pioneered a series of firsts, including the invention our industry-first online training tool, the Training and Development Centre. that provides free training to Manpower employees, as well as all employees placed by Manpower.

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3. Unilever

At Unilever, we believe in investing in the future and in developing the business leaders of tomorrow – you. Whether you’re a graduate looking for on-the-job training through our Management Trainee Programme or a student looking for a hands-on Internship, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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4. Mercedes-Benz SA

The training programme consists of an accredited Merseta programme, which aims to develop the requisite technical skills and manufacturing competencies required to meet increased demands for appropriately skilled workers. This supply of trained workers will then be retained within the automotive manufacturer to build the next generation Mercedes Benz C.

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5. Fetola

Fetola recruits unemployed graduates and assesses them in order to match graduates to internship opportunities. Following this, they are placed in a participating institution for an internship. Through this internship, graduates build workplace experience and develop relationships with employers, all of which is intended to improve employability and retention.

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6. Fluor

For nearly 35 years, Fluor has been providing skills development training to local South Africans. Fluor began on-site training at the Sasol II and Sasol III project sites and continues training local South Africans in skills that will serve them for future employment opportunities.

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7. Coega Development Programme

The Coega Strategic Skills Development Programme will provide manufacturing skills training to 800 unemployed Eastern Cape youth and afford a further 150 Northern Cape youth the opportunity to receive apprenticeship training. Trained youth will then be placed in jobs within FAW and Kalagadi, on sustainable basis.

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8. Harambee

Harambee’s model is designed to address both demand and supply side of employment. Harambee begins their process with consulting potential employers regarding their recruitment needs and the challenges they have experienced hiring young people. Harambee then recruits unemployed youth from local, marginalised communities.

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9. Ubuntu Institute For Young Social Entrepreneurs NPC

The Ubuntu Institute will run an international jobs placement programme whereby selected youth will be placed in high-end resorts in Canada and the USA to gain training and work experience in the hospitality industry. After this training, candidates return to South Africa and are placed in an ‘after care’ programme which assists them to find work in the sector.

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10. The Department of Trade and Industry

The Monyetla Work Readiness programme prepares unemployed youth for employment in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, by providing training and work experience with its corporates partners, following which 70% of learners will be employed with project partners.

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