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Youth Village Interview With Dj Mobi Dixon

This week, Youth Village had the opportunity to speak to DJ Mobi,  who has become one of the best Dj’s in South Africa. It was not long ago when Mobi Dixon  was chosen as one of the best at the popular DJ Oskido’s I Believe initiative. Now he is winning with his new hit single “City Rains” and it is getting a lot of airplay across South Africa.

In the interview, Mobi Dixon tells us more about himself, his career and future aspirations

Mobi Dixon

YV: Who is Mobi Dixon?

Mobi Dixon is a dj, producer from East London.

YV: You where chosen to be one of the only 20 DJ’s and producers from 180 people for the Oskido “I Believe” initiative, how did you feel about this?

This helped me to believe that I am truly talented and have something special to off the South African Music industry.

YV: How has it changed your career?

It helped me improve my business skills and equipped me with better studio equipment.

YV: Your name is called among the best who have been doing it for a while like Lulo Cafe and RJ Benjamin, does it have pressure on you?

It gives me confidence and motivates me to do more.

Mobi Dixon1

YV: What did the Soul Candi contract mean to you, since you already have your own record label?

It meant my music could reach a wider international audience through their digital distribution network.

YV: How does it feel to have your work recognised by the industry heavyweights like Madikizela?

It shows me that I am on the right path.

YV: Tell us more about Dance is Kulcha Records.

This was my 1st company which was a record label that groomed Mobi Dixon and a few local acts. However I am now operating under Mobi Dixon Productions.

YV: What was the experience like shooting your first video for Love Coulor Spin?

It was a quite a unique experience as I was quite hands on in the whole process and it motivated me to start my own video production entity.

Mobi Dixon3

YV: What can we look forward to in 2015 from Mobi Dixon?

A few collaborations with the likes of Sphectacular and DJ Naves and more singles and videos from my album Tribal Soul.

YV: Who inspires you?

My biggest role models my parents who are also in business.

YV: Who is your favourite musician? Locally and Internationally?

Locally Msaki, internationally The Layabouts.

YV: We know as a DJ, you are always turned up right? What do you do when you have down time?

Watch series and do research on the Internet.

YV: What’s your advice to young and upcoming DJ’s who want to make it big in the industry?

Knowledge is power always equip yourself with information in whatever you go into.

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