This Is Why Women Really Don’t Like Each Other

The truth is, most females, no matter how old they are will tell you that they’ve survived at least one type of mean girl in their past. Whether it was a situation that dealt with putting someone down, being dismissed, ignored or even socially tormented, they all seem to boil down to one thing- hatred. So, instead of beating ourselves too hard about all of this, let’s just consider the following points and maybe we will understand why……

fighting women

They are always in competition

Women do compete, and they can compete quite fiercely with one another. Our physical appearances, and the premium placed on them by society, are surely an enormous part of this fight, too. We are taught since we can begin to comprehend the world around us that a huge part of our success and worth in life is based on how beautiful we are and — perhaps more importantly — how beautiful we are in comparison to other women.

They are always jealous

Women have the tendency to find one thing wrong with themselves and harp on it for the rest of their lives. They also have a tendency to be jealous of every woman, love every woman, see every woman and accept every woman… with the exception of themselves.

They are just the same

I am sure there are times when you don’t happen to like another fellow girl friend of yours for no particular reason. Or as you grow up you realize that friendship with girls might be fun and involve those shopping sprees and parties ,but you often feel judged or at constant battle with each other. Have you noticed that a lot of times, women tend to get along more with men and it’s very easy.

They like to criticize and they gossip

Most women feel inadequate and defensive, so they tend to defend themselves by criticizing other women. In other words, such women are often not critical of other women because they think less of them; but they are covetous of what they have instead.

They want to be the center of attraction

As women we can’t share our moment of glory. We are used to be the centre stage and once we have somebody stealing the show, we hate them immediately. Might be a beautiful girl has joined the new term, gym or just a stranger walking on the street. If heads turn in that direction, they will surely be hated no matter what.

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