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Interview With Let’s Go Organization Co-Founder Joaky Bandzo

Every now and again we look at recognizing organization that make it their mandate to change communities at a wide-spread. In acknowledging that, we find that such organizations are ran by young people who are passionate and dedicated in contributing to their societies by playing a pivotal role and affecting change. Today we speak to Joaky Bandzo who is the Deputy Chairperson and Co-Founder of an organization called Let’s Go. In the interview Joaky tells us about  his role in the organization and what the organization aims to achieve.

Joaky Bandzo

YV: Who is Joaky Bandzo?

Joaky is a graduate Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from the University of Johannesburg. He has a one year and six months experience in mineral processing at Anglo platinum and Sylvania metals respectively. He is currently working at the Council for Scientific and industrial Research, which is known as a national technology innovation centre of South Africa. He grew up in a poor background, Anyway he still managed to pull through into the professional level.

My life note – I might be raised from a poor family background, most fortunately with both parents who possess good morals, integrity, respect and dignity; my clan being poor/less fortunate and being the last in my father’s house. Anyway, what counts the most is my heredity, I have inherited a strong dynamic character; full of self-motivation, optimistic mind set, and a desire to make a great success, full potential is about to be unleashed and much is still to be accomplished.“Heredity is everything, environment nothing”.

YV: How did the Let’s Go Organization come about?

Let’s Go founders Joaky Bandzo and Edward Mtshweni Chairperson of Let’s Go and Software Developer by profession started from an organization called Bokamoso Youth Development, the organization was doing good. We did successful events there. Along the way, stakeholders of the organization lost the vision and objective of the organization.We then took over and started Let’s Go because of the love we have for our community, to make it a better place. We teamed up with Sipho Masango, Sound Engineer by profession to be part of the organization as our project manager. We also included professional Teachers, Arts and Culture specialist, and Economist from UCT. Let’s go organization is found by passionate individuals who grew up in a poor background. The executive members comprises of a young team from Soshanguve, who have pulled through to the professional level. We came together as a team which share the same vision. Our background experience developed UBUNTU within us; as a team we passionate to see someone succeed in life. We all realized that everyone has a potential to accomplish goals in life irregardless of the background restrictions.

YV: What role do you play in the organisation and how did you get involved?

I am the deputy chairperson of the organisation. I am focusing mainly and not limited to the organisation management and strategic plan. The reason I got involved is that I share the same passion and vision with the people I am associating with, that’s how Let’s Go was formed.

YV: Why did you choose to bring knowledge and skills rather than jobs,why is having the knowledge important in developing a community?

Let’s go intends to work in collaboration with the corporate companies, university institutions; Department of Health, Department of public Works and Social Development, and Department of Education to acquire the “missing” information, services and resources on behalf of the underprivileged communities that will serve to create opportunities for the community at large, impart new knowledge, skills and fuel motivation amongst the youth from these communities. Although, Let’s go anticipate change not only at school level however, the organization also intends to challenge (or motivate) all the young people who are neither at school nor tertiary institution to tap into skills development programmes that create opportunities to enable them participate in other mainstream sectors of the economy that requires manual, but skilled intensive work.

YV: The people who run this organisation seem to be all accomplished, why is having that foundation important?

First of all, it’s important to have the same passion, mindset, energy and share the same vision. For us that’s the most important thing. That’s where we are solid. We stand firm with our objective to make our community the educated place. We are a group of qualified individuals from different fields. We put in different skills that benefit the organization and to make it stable.We have realized that motivation and inspiration is a key to success. An individual’s accomplishment it’s an inspiration to others. People perceive you inspirational when they see success in you. This is the reason why the foundation is set with influential people.


Joaky and colleague

YV: What’s your main focus as an organisation?

Let’s go envisages itself as an intermediary organization that serves to identify and address all challenges (or constraints), that hinders the youth in the disadvantaged communities from making a smooth transition between high school and professional level. Let’s Go it’s an organization that will exists to serve the community and youth as the middleman in the academic and career opportunities, skills development programmes, arts and culture, social support, and drive passion, motivation, and effectiveness in life.

YV: How do you motivate the youth to change their mindsets?

It’s at the centre of the organization to influence young people to turn their dreams into reality with the right mindset and positive attitude. As the organisation, we believe motivation play a very crucial role to change perceptions that have been conformed to environmental standards, mediocre and negative influence stemming from peer pressure and other activities. We have a variety of platforms to set our message out there which includes the following: To bring professionals and companies in our community to advice, motivate, bring hope, and mostly to make our youth realize their talents, or rather skills that they have. We also have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) where we communicate with the youth and the world at large, to keep them informed about what’s happening out there. We motivate our youth and post job opportunities that are available.

YV: You teamed up with many organizations, what were some of the challenges you faced in getting them on board?

As a small organization, you try to bring other organizations and companies as much as you can to partner with on the projects for sponsorships and collaboration. Being small and upcoming has set a distance to this organization and corporate companies. Our main challenge has been that An NGO organisation requires financial support In terms of funding /sponsorship to maintain its growth and stability. In our last event (Donate a toy Christmas lunch for orphans), we partnered with one of the upcoming organization (Mercado Orphanage Fund Raising) to make the event a success. We also worked with NYDA, Department of Defence, and motivational speakers from Absa, and Sasol on our previous events.

YV: Do you have a theme for your organization this year?

Our theme has always been to fuel motivation in every individual life in our community and the world at large.

YV:Any advice for the youth in South Africa?

An empty pocket never held anyone back. If you have a dream, go out there and make it a reality. Involve yourself with positive people. Expose yourself. Go an extra mile. As Let’s Go we will continue to support the youth and bring all the necessary information as possible# LeGOOooOOoo!!










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