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Youth Village Interview With Hulisani Ravele

We know her for her strong hardworking character that epitomizes a phenomenal character. At only 27 years old,  Hulisani Ravele is the type of girl that every young girl should look up to. What more can we say though? She is focused and her mind is set on achieving great things.  Hulisani is no typical girl!

Finally we got the opportunity to interview the beautiful and talented Hulisani. In the inspiring interview, she tells us more about herself, her achievements, career and future goals.
Hulisani Ravele

YV: Who is Hulisani?

Just a girl from kasi, eChiawela to be exact, with big dreams.

YV: You have a great work ethic; does it have anything to do with your upbringing?

Greatly so. I come from a family of hardworking individuals, from my grandparents, to my parents, aunts and uncles, and even my siblings. Growing up my mom was very strict about cleanliness and doing things properly or not doing it at all, she doesn’t accept sub-standard work. My dad was just as strict especially when it comes to education.

YV: What did you learn during your time as a child presenter, was it everything you thought it would be?

I can’t say it was everything I thought it would be because I started television at such a young age. I didn’t really have expectations. To me it was just an extension of doing something fun which I enjoyed in primary school already and that was Drama.

What did I learn? Wow, everything I know now and everything I am as a TV host. I learnt how to do live TV from a young age and that has been a great asset for my career. I also learnt a lot about myself, I learnt to not be afraid to be different, to speak my mind, and so much about people and the business of television.

YV: So you worked as an intern at SABC, how was the experience?

It was actually during my last year at varsity in 2008 and a few months thereafter. That was great learning experience and it came with challenges too. I got an opportunity to be on the other side and that was intentional. I wanted to understand the machine and the brand behind the shows viewers see on TV.

YV: Your show I AM SOUTH AFRICAN was very inspiring and different from anything we’ve seen on TV, what kind of connection did you have with the show?

The essence of the show was something that’s close to my heart – education and inspiration – so from day 1, I had a close connection to the show. I am passionate about making television that not only entertains but also challenges mindsets and the status quo.

YV: Your social media updates are inspiring and thank you for sharing your life lessons with us, but who inspires Hulisani?

I’m inspired by many people from all walks of life. From my family to my friends, to colleagues to people I observe from a distance. The stand outs would have to be Oprah Winfrey and my mother.

YV: What are some of the challenges you experience on a day to day basis?

No days are the same for me so I can’t really say I have day-to-day challenges. And If and when they do arise, challenges are an opportunity to find solutions and a different ways of doing something, so, if I’m having the same daily challenges then I’m not really taking steps to move ahead and progress in my life.

YV: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt throughout your career?

There are 2. 1, run your own race and 2, there’s enough for all of us.

YV: What are some of the biggest achievements you’ve had that stand out for you?

I’d count the ability to balance school and TV and just being a young person who has always been true to herself as my biggest achievement.

Hulisani Ravele 2

YV: What does beauty mean to you and what tips can you give us to always look good like you do?

Beauty is not conforming, it’s about feeling and looking comfortable in your own skin. Tips on looking good are all the cliché things because they are so true: eat healthy and exercise. It’s really that simple. Also don’t feel pressured to buy certain fashions because they are trends, see what works for you – and that goes for your body and your budget.

YV: How do you manage to keep your personal life private?

I believe you allow people as much into your life as you want to. I just control what I put out and what I let in – by that I mean people.

YV: What do you do for fun?

I’m easy hey, as long as I’m with good company I can have fun. Whether it’s adventure sports, games night, or a chillas.

YV: What kind of music do you listen to?

A little bit of everything hey, depends on the mood. I can do Classical, R&B, Pop, Dancehall, jut depends. I love my my gospel though and I’m a sucker for hip-hop!

YV: Are you reading a book at the moment? If so, what’s the title?

Lira – Herstory and TD Jakes – Woman Thou Art Loosed.

YV: What can we look forward to from you in the future?

I’m conceptualising my talk show – The Hulisani Ravele Show (or just HRS). It’s an exciting yet challenging time for me but I’m so clear about the vision of the show and its purpose it’s worth all the sleepless nights and the mountain I’m about to climb. HRS will be a talk show is built on 3 pillars: entertainment, education, and empowerment.

YV: What inspirational words do you have for the youth in South Africa?

Run your own race, stop comparing yourself to lo-na  na-lo, our journeys and destinies are not the same.



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