7 Smart Uses Of Technology To Find A Job

Technology is now a big part of our daily lives; it only makes sense that you use technology when looking for a job.  Company websites, social media and email alerts all make job searching easier and efficient.

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Here’s how you can use technology to your advantage when looking for a job

1. Company websites
Company websites offer a lot of information that can help you in case of an interview. You can also discover the name and title of the person with whom you’ll be interviewing. You can expand your search by using Google and yahoo.

2. Supplement your resume
Your LinkedIn profile should contain more than just a copy of your resume. Use your profile to show all your professional experience to your potential employer. All the information that is not on your resume can make your LinkedIn profile different from others.

3. Job posting sites
You can take full advantage of technology by using big search engines to find the openings for you on major job sites and more obscure listings. Target your search to a particular position or skill set, you might find listings that are hidden.

4. Email alerts
Use your email or preferred search engine to set up custom job search alerts. Doing so will alert you to new opportunities as they are posted which saves you time going through the entire internet looking for new postings every day.

5. Broaden your network
Connect with influential people using twitter and LinkedIn. People who work in organizations that you would like to work in. Both platforms are all about having conversations and connecting with people.

6. Work on the go
The good thing about today’s technology is you can take it wherever you go. There are mobile apps that enable you to edit your resume, prepare for interviews and schedule meetings all from your Smartphone.

7. Easily notice limitations in your job search
Being active with technology is not a guarantee of you getting a job. Social media and technology are great tools you can use to give access to a broader network and opportunities but it’s also in conjunction with in-person, old fashioned tactics. Be careful of the limitations of what new technology can do in your job hunt.

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