10 Words Recruiters Hate To See On Your CV

Most people think that when writing a CV they need to use complicated, corporate buzzwords to impress the recruiter. But the truth is recruiters look for simple straight forward information that is not complicated. As much as you want to put a lot of information about how great you are, it’s crucial you pick the right words to put into your CV.


Make sure you avoid these words below; they just make you look like you are trying too hard.

1. Go- getter
Although this might be true of you, they hear it every day. Rather state exactly what it is you “achieved”, which is one of their favorite words.

2. Career break
When you put career break in a CV, you are making the recruiter think about what you were doing during this time. Instead, be upfront of why you took the break so that they won’t focus on it.

3. Team player
They know you are going to say that, just to get the position. Get to the point and use words like “mentored” or “trained”.

4. Best of breed
Your wording in your CV should be simple, describe what you were doing in your previous job that makes you the “best of breed” rather than just claiming you are one.

5. Unemployed
Saying you are unemployed when you are not working makes you look lazy, appear positive by saying you are actively looking for employment.

6. Strategic thinker
When you write that you are a strategic thinker in your CV the disadvantage is it can mean a lot of things and you don’t know how the person reading your CV will take it. It’s advisable to add specific context or just avoid that the “main skills” section on your CV.

7.” We”
If you worked in groups or with a team in your previous job, it seems right to use the word “we” because you’ll appear like a team player, but the recruiter is more interested in “i” than “we”.

8. Disagreement
Never mention in your CV about the disagreements you had with your previous employers. If you left your job because of it, rather leave out the reason for leaving. If you really want to mention it avoid personalizing it.

9. Great communicator
Using your common sense you will realize that being a good communicator or hard worker are basic skills required from every employer, it’s nothing extraordinary. Instead give concrete examples of your track record.

10. Led
Although it’s great to say what you individually did or what you helped achieve, be careful not to come out as cocky. Recruiters want a balance of achievement and humility.

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