10 Ways to Keep Social Media from Ruining Your Relationship

Being on social media and in a relationship can be a very complicated thing. In most case,  everything your partner posts automatically becomes personal to you. Even simple things that wouldn’t normally affect you will start to bother you. There’s the need to know one’s moves, who poked them, tagged them or lol’d them.  Question is, where do you draw the line of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour? Should you be friends with your partner on social media and should you have their password?
Here’s what we think you should avoid  to not let social media ruin your real life.

1. Don’t be single online
Claiming to be single online when you know you have someone will just make you look like you are ashamed of them and when they find out it won’t be pretty.

2. Don’t believe your own hype
Social media people can be very kind, there can be very generous with re-tweets, likes and pokes, you should not let that get to your head especially when you get great comments on your photos and you now think they appreciate you more than your partner does. Avoid hurting their feelings.

3. Don’t be sneaky
Everybody is entitled to privacy, but it looks very suspicious when you don’t want your partner to see your interactions and your pages. When you look uneasy and close out your pages as soon as they enter the room they’ll become more curious and you’ll look guilty.

4. Have limitations
Social can be so addictive and can consume a lot of time. Don’t make it seem like your partner has to compete with it, put some limitations to your social media time, if it’s dinner time or just some quality time with your partner, log off and give them the full attention they deserve and make them feel important.

5. Don’t befriend your exes
There’s nothing wrong with staying in touch with your ex if you ended things on good terms, but exes are a very sensitive issue in any relationship. It’s not necessary to like and comment on their every post. No one wants their partner to seem closer to someone they used to date than them.

6. Don’t air your dirty laundry
If you know you are an emotional person then maybe social media isn’t for you. Whatever misunderstandings you have with your partner if you are not ready to talk to them about it tell a friend not airing all your personal problems on a public platform.

7. Post nice pictures
Avoid posting too revealing or suggestive photos of yourself; instead post nice cute photos of you and your partner so that they know you are proud to be with them.

8. Watch your tagging
If you attend a party or a function with your partner, before tagging them ask if they are comfortable with it. Some people like to keep their privacy and wouldn’t appreciate you tagging them in random photos.

9. Password protection
Depending on the level of commitment in your relationship, it’s better to keep your passwords private and have that boundary with your personal accounts.

10. Subtweets
It’s not fun when someone calls you out on social media, and avoid updating every disappointment or hint to your parent on your timeline. Every partner would appreciate you telling them first rather than hearing it on social media.

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