Top 10 Fashion Trends That We Never Want To See Again

Fashion is something that we all love keeping up with but somethings we just never wanna see again really. Below is a list of Top 10 Fashion Trends That We Never Want To See Again.

10. One Arm

one arm

The one arm/one hand trend was cool when I was 7, 7 wow that’s quite a while back we ohk with both sleeves being on your dress you know that right like, what’s the point of tanning one arm?

9. American Flag Everything

blue shorts - american flag print high waisted  ustrendy-t24151

People out here wearing the American flag on everything they own that time half the people you see rocking this look have never even been to America haha, fashion  trends that are meant for other countries should stay in other countries. Let’s make a line with the South African badge everywhere and let’s see how many of yall would actually wear it with pride.

8. Leopard Print


There are fashion trends we love and fashion trends that are sometimes overdone. Leopard print has become overwhelming lately. It’s one thing to have a cute leopard print bow in your hair it’s a whole new level when you put on a dress and add pumps and a Leopard print bag, or maybe some of yall are auditioning for The Lion King? Don’t remember seeing a lot of Leopards though.

7. Uggs On Guys!


Some unisex fashion items are not always so “unisex”. Let’s let the ladies rock the Uggz it’s the right thing to do.

6. Leggings On Guys


There’s nothing cute or sexy about sitting and fighting with your boyfriend over a pair of leggings. On some “Baby I think those are mine” no like the hell, gents let’s stick to wearing jeans and stuff every lady appreciates a man with a pair or two of Chino’s not leggings!

5. Oversized For Nothing


Oversized was made for “oversized” people no offense to them though, much love and respect. Sometimes it’s just better and more appealing to buy a size that was made for you. Wearing the right size makes such a difference in how the outfit looks on you.

4. Colour Blocking


I don’t know who came up with this but they don’t deserve any fashion award. Girls took this trend and ran with it, ran too far if you ask me cause it took a while for this “trend” to phase out, I pray it never comes back really.

3. Jean To Jean


Denim on Denim has it’s days but I think they’re over now. Denim on Denim only looks good when it’s different colours mostly. If you want us to nick name you “Jean To Jean” go ahead, try this look!

2. Leather


There’s sexy leather, too tight leather and what the hell were you thinking leather. Let’s only do leather in winter please, it’s too hot for such materials to be pressing right against your skin.

1. Shirts Tied Around Waist

shirt on waist'

Thank you Chris Brown, Thank you Ciara now guys please come up with a new trend for us to follow I’m over this shirt around people’s waist thing. When is it phasing out though?

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