5 Things SA Rappers Should Stop Doing In Their Music Videos

As much as we love our SA rappers and their awesome music, some things just gotta go! Below is a list of 5 Things I wish SA rappers would stop doing and start doing in their music videos. Enjoy!

5. Flashy Cars


If you decide to have a Maybach, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche in your music videos please drive the car or at least sit inside the car . What’s the point of having all these nice cars parked in your video if you can’t even sit in them? . Yes we know the cars are not yours but surely the owner wouldn’t mind having you leaning on the car at least . I swear most rappers with music videos with expensive cars stand almost a km from the car . Imagine how AKA’s video would have been if some scenes had him and K.O racing and driving those super cars on the  Nelson Mandela bridge! that my people would have been the real running Jozi.

4. Girls


If you going to go tip drill with your video please use proper girls . Some local music videos have girls you swear were picked at a dirty club somewhere and were thrown into the video to act as groupies . If you have one of those verses like “I only do models” use fly and proper models please!

3. Black and White


Not every music video should be black and white damn! A lot of black and white  music videos we see now would have been nice if they kept their color! How do I know ? Check the Instagram pictures of the video shoot!

2. Swimming Pools


We tired of swimming pools !! He he specially if the rapper doesn’t get into the pool maybe cause his forgot his swimming trunk or is scared of catching a cold . Street videos are pretty cool you know or one of those studio music videos .

1. Paper Cups


Paper flippen cups! Damn stop it ! don’t do it , put that cup down , put it down *Chris Rock voice* I swear there was a rappers conference somewhere where all rappers sat down and decided to go paper cups on us . I just think this is corny and overdone no pun.

Opinion Post Submitted By MK

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