10 Things You Should Know About The NYDA


1. What it is

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is an organisation established in 2008 to help address the problems facing South African youth such as skills development and unemployment.

2. Economic Participation

The NYDA aims assist and facilitate youth participation in the economy leading to improvement of their livelihoods through NYDA grants as financial support and non-financial support interventions.


3. Education and Skills Development

They look to promote access to quality education and skills, to both in and out-of-school youth through targeted interventions The NYDA will place 22,830 learners in education opportunities over the period of 5 years, these will include young people who want to re-write their matric (21, 978) and those who need bursaries to continue with their higher education studies (852).


4. Health and Wellbeing

The NYDA promotes the increase of awareness on healthy lifestyles that promote good health practices amongst the youth of South Africa, including dangers of substance abuse, unprotected sex, nutrition, sexual transmitted diseases and the impact of HIV Infection and Aids among young people in South Africa.


 5. Policy and Research

One of their main prospects is to create and produce youth development information and knowledge that informs the public sector, private sector, and civil society in developing policy, planning, implementation and review of all [100%] of their programmes related to government priorities.


6. Governance and Administration

The NYDA provides effective IT systems, business processes, human resources capacity development and constantly improves operations of the NYDA; to ensure that all NYDA systems and process support NYDA products and services for effective service delivery.

7. Social Cohesion

They are aimed at engaging young people in activities that build their social capital, networks and strengthen the relationships that bind people and communities together. These activities will propel young people to reach their personal goals and develop their full capacity. Furthermore, young people will be aware of themselves and their rights and responsibilities.


8. Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

The NYDA is also aimed at generating a body of research, knowledge and best practice in the youth development sector. It will inform various ways through which government, business and other social partners can contribute towards youth development.


9. National Youth Service

Their key mission is providing young people with meaningful and accredited skills and activities that benefit their communities through national service and patriotism.


10. Information Services and Communications

Equipping young people with information about various opportunities aimed at improving their living conditions is also a very important element of the NYDA. Through this area of work, the NYDA will also be able to provide information and career guidance services to young people.


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