Obesity: Not So Heavy On My Scale

A word of warning: if you’re an obese person and you’re offended by this article, I apologise, but honestly it’s not meant to be patronising or to be taken as a joke; it’s just that I usually go for comic relief when it comes to articles that hold such a strong… well in this case heavy statement meant for awareness, but in most cases are obviously boring and never take the side of the victims. And if you don’t fall for my little speech and decide not to accept my advanced apology, well that’s still okay—you’ll never catch me anyway! Now, on to the meat of the article—and it’s very meaty indeed today. I suppose I had better provide some pictures to stimulate your budding imaginations:


Notice the similarities between these two specimens

In my short nineteen years, I have seen the demise of a fit nation and a rapid climb of larger people; I currently witness the old nation struggling to rise up once more from beneath the weight of this new obese one. Many doctors, fitness trainers, and celebrities stress a public ‘slim down’. All they do is complain about 61% of the SA population being “too big for their own good”; however, I do not support such ideas. I believe the ranks of the obese have a right to consume what they please and lead a lifestyle that matches their desires. Plus, by allowing the obese to remain so, will not only allow the broader part of society to remain happy, but ensure the happiness of those who are not obese as well.

Obesity is in fact not as terrible as some people make it out to be. Most people think of obesity as a bad thing because the common definition of health is the vigour and vitality of the body and the mind. What these people fail to realise is that being so extremely huge can actually help certain individuals feel as if they have the vigour and vitality of the average sized person, perhaps even more. I see no problem with allowing those who are overweight to be all they can be. Who has the right to take away the standards of the obese? Further, there is another definition describing health as the general condition of the body and mind. Being bulbous and round is a physical body condition, is it not? Likewise, making the decision to live larger than life is a condition or state of mind, correct? Therefore chubbier people, by this definition are still healthy. Also a third definition explanation explains health as pertaining or relating to food in which case the obese are EXTREMELY healthy, simply because their entire lifestyle pertains to the consumption of food.

Not only will the mammoth half of the population benefit, but the “better half” of society (so deemed by current standards) will also gain a few perks. Weight loss ads will be removed from television commercials and internet websites. No longer will the average sized person be forced to see those pesky, annoying advertisements that do not apply to them. In place of those ads interesting advertisements shall be put up, coaxing people towards and exotic holidays, skiing the Swiss Alps, skydiving even things as simple as the petting zoo – anything but those “get-slim-now links and commercials. The benefits of removing these advertisements also include removing societal pressures which shame heftier people into undesired conformity.
fatman1The benefits to those of currently-socially acceptable weight do not stop there as entertainment options would quickly open up with the greater part of the population out of the way, sitting at home. Think about it: about half, of people staying at home all the time. Those who are of smaller size, those who choose to be active will have a dramatic increase in the pleasure brought by “entertainment” types of activeness. Amusement parks ride lines will be 61% shorter; hiking and biking trails end up 61% less crowded; roads would contain 61% less traffic; airplanes: filled 61% less- the possibilities  are nearly endless! (I say nearly, because movie theatres for example, would naturally reach hits fill and end up 61% fuller due to the fact that it is as sedentary activity requiring no movement whatsoever and would most likely appeal to the paunchy portion of the population). This unhealthy lifestyle is not really all that unhealthy. What doctors and nutritionists declare as “unhealthy lifestyle” only seems that way because these so called health officials pressure obese individuals into exercise and over exert themselves. They do not understand that the big guys, when following doctors’ orders of diet and exercise, change their habits so rapidly that their bodies cannot accommodate the drastic modifications.

As John Steinbeck once said, “the fat fox can’t catch the chicken the lean hard fox can.” Who says that the fox, that’s literally fat wants to catch the metaphorical chicken? It only leads to what experts label as heart disease. This ailment of the core muscle of the body is the most common way for anyone to die, not just the hefty. It only seems heart disease affects the weightier people more because doctors don’t accurately count heart-related deaths. T just so happens that it has been clinically proven that most obese people die during the day of heart attacks than the average weighted people. The average weighted person is more likely to die of heart attack or failures at night. Doctors and analysts only count deaths during the day, unfairly staking the claim that the bulk heart-disease related deaths occur in obese persons, falsely proving the idea that obesity and the act of retaining fat are consequences of an “unhealthy lifestyle”.

Telling people they are unhealthy, that they need to work out, that they are “too fat for their own good,” goes against every idea offatwoman1 equality and tolerance in our communities and the rights which fail to remain upheld such as freedom of religion, for the larger part of society may include binge eating as a part of religion, or treat eating as a religion,or at least freedom of speech, because thinner people constantly and blatantly snuff out the voice of the fleshier persons of the nation; and the right to peaceably assemble, since the miniscule persons constantly attempt to break apart the massive accumulation of the paunch people. All humans big or small have necessary rights to do what makes them happy (as long as nobody else is harmed in the process), and the people should let them be however they want to be – obese or otherwise!

No problems could possibly arise by having a few extra teddy bear like individuals barely roaming around, grazing on McDonalds and other juicy and oily products. Obesity is not wrong, but is in fact as by definition, a healthy option. By allowing these people in society to laze around all day, there will be more activities for those who do roam around to enjoy. The misconception of heart disease’ link to obesity rings utterly untrue and is, more importantly, a big fat lie. After all “nothing is good or ill, but [false proof] makes it so.” Finally, discriminating against the ever so growing waist size of the stout individuals is completely wrong and just plain rude. Why should anyone mess with something so indisputably right? When it comes to allowing people to do what they love, allowing them to remain obese, perhaps even to let them become grotesquely obese, there is nothing but more to love; another could be that they have so much personality that it had to be distributed to the rest of their body!

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