Corrective Rape: The Red Pen Of Society


Corrective rape, also known as curative rape, is a brutal act of violence in which African women and teenagers that are, or are at least assumed to be, lesbians are raped to ‘cure’ them of their homosexuality; with the belief that it’s a sin and deems the male population as insufficient or incapable of handling women, seeing that some men view lesbians as a threat to their concept of masculinity because they fear that lesbians could possibly steal their girlfriends. Some see it as an ‘imported white disease’. Perpetrators seek to ‘correct’ the women’s behaviour through rape by ‘teaching them a lesson’ on how to behave like a ‘real African woman’.

Okay, let me get this straight… So you penetrated her physical goods and therefore believe that her emotions, perspective on life and feelings are going to be changed? Well at least that’s how I see the way of the infamous curing doctors of sexual preferences.  They inject their phallic disapproval into the lives of people who have no control of what they feel and for whom they feel it for, not knowing that the very idea of the cure is what will be the continuity of the social disease infecting thousands and affecting millions. This man-made solution to an ideal world or ‘correct’ lifestyle (playing things by the book… the Christian Bible too) has stripped many of their pride, innocence, self-esteem and have caused them to tread on eggshells because they live their lives in fear of being victims of a dirty society oozing to seek false justice by pounding inches of disgust into them.  Lesbians, mostly those who live in poor black communities, live in constant fear they could be attacked not just by strangers, but also by family members, friends, acquaintances or neighbours. They are taunted and harassed and are unable to live a life of dignity and equality.

In Leviticus 20:13 it reads, “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.” (New Living Translation).  With all due respect, I understand that Christian people are against the idea of homosexuality, because in the beginning there was Adam and Eve and nothing else was meant to be but a man for a woman, making homosexuality a sin as you’re going against God’s rules, intentions and are disobeying his creation, story plot or whatever. But analysing this particular verse, the part that stands out for me is “capital offense”. How I see it is that the bible is telling us that although God accepts all sinners and that Jesus walked with prostitutes and murderers can be born again, but lesbians and gays are to be killed because their preference is worse than denying someone of life or raping or selling your ‘temple’ to 50 men a day?  But homosexuals are probably not Christian anyway because they get shunned so this may not be so relevant in proving my passion of this topic, but I think it’s indeed a valid question.

I usually write blog articles with two sides, allowing readers to be able to make up their own conclusion about the topics and just to generally weigh out the amount of possible answers, avenues and or at least have back up when driving my point home, but this particular one… everyone can chill out and soak it in, because frankly I’m not interested in you arguing the point, as there is nothing to argue about. You’re just going to sit there and try by all means to be unnecessarily controversial and nobody has time for that.

(Takes a deep breath)

At what point in these ‘doctors’ lives did they think that being homosexual is a wake-up-in-the-morning-and-decide factor? Where in their narrow-minded beliefs do they come up with the view that homosexuality is a spur-of-the-moment; flip-a-coin; out-of-the-blue decision? Why am I even asking with the word ‘think’, because clearly our experts do not think at all as they act on ruthless and subjective beliefs which is in actual fact not to ‘correct’ the lives of the homo’s, but to make them feel better about THEIR own existence and to prove that THEY are man enough. Ladies and gentlemen… that right there is my point. People who believe in corrective/curative rape are trying to cure themselves of their own insecurities. Why go out of your way to prove something if it has nothing to do with you? As long as you’re not homosexual and have a girlfriend or a boyfriend (I’m not sure if girls rape gay guys, but let’s keep all possibilities open here) then why do you feel you need to scratch where there is no direct itch?

Fair enough, people have different views, are not comfortable in certain situations and have different factors that course them to cringe e.g. seeing a butch (a term used for girls who dress like boys) or a man dressed in a skirt. Sure, they are allowed to feel that way (freedom of what what) but likewise these people have the freedom of expression as well. If you don’t like the situation or if you feel like your eyes are going to bomb your soul silly then walk the other way, take a detour, close your eyes or go to hell, because in my opinion I feel that you can judge a person by their choices and everyday mistakes if you really feel the need to judge them (just to get things STRAIGHT, I’m not saying now go out of your to judge those around you on my terms) but do not judge others on something they cannot control and didn’t choose.

Another thing is that lesbians and gays believe it or not are perfectly normal and they are not able to cough, smear or slingshot their homosexuality onto you, so why feel the need to play their doctor when there are bigger situations out there!?  Kids are starving in Africa and you want to bang people straight… and this is why South Africa will forever stall on the road to becoming a first world country, because we think and go out of our way to act third world. You don’t have to agree with it or accept it, just respect. And I think it’s about time that our ever so diverse and democratic country with its gay rights and all should just face the music. Homosexuality is what it is and not everything in life happens like it’s ‘supposed’… plot twist- in some cases, the man of her dreams, is a woman.

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