Top 5 South African Innovations

eChaja1. Chaja is a commercial solar powered cell phone charger. The eChaja is designed and built in South Africa and Swaziland. It is of a steel construction, designed “Africa tough”. It is designed and manufactured by Africans for Africa. The standard eChaja is a 6 station capable charger. The eChaja has 6 cigarette lighter trailing sockets that accept a standard freely available cigarette lighter cell phone charger (not included). Each station has its own timer for ease of control. The eChaja is fully portable and may be set up quickly and easily for “Instant Income” in markets, stalls, kiosks as well as homesteads. The supplied Solar panel is a portable suitcase type. The eChaja and its solar panel come supplied with its own shoulder bag. –click here to visit the site and learn more



MHCA2. The MeMeZa Home Community Alarm is a simple, accessible, affordable, portable alarm system for low income earners and house-holds using Community and Visibility Policing Support. The MHCA will bridge the gap between the household under attack by criminals/intruders and the Sector Policing by: Alerting the neighbours, street patrollers and Sector Police through sound and cell phone alert messages, and at the same time: Disable and scare away the criminals, on activation MeMeZa produces a piercing distinct siren sound. The sound plays a very important role, to scare and communicate to Neighbourhood. The MeMeZa alarm will work when the people are in the house or away. “By 2030, people living in South Africa should have no fear of crime. Women, children and those who are vulnerable should feel protected.” This is an extract from the National Development Plan, whose values and goals on Safety the MeMeZa concept is built upon.


3. Geekulcha is a tech platform that is used to connect ICT students from all over the country. The students use this platform to share ideas and knowledge, help each other with projects, connect with industry leaders and keep track of the latest tech events and competitions that are happening nationally. The platform also has its own YouTube channel which students can use to view videos on their mobile devices.


4. Car dock is a docking station for your smart phone.The docking station sits on your dashboard or any convenient spot close to your dash board. It will plug into the car diagnostic setup and with the app on the phone will be able to determine how your car is performing.When the next service is due on the car, or is there any fault with the computer system or is the performance of the car right. Before your mechanic looks at your car you will be able to tell them whats wrong. At a later stage the docking station will be set-up to be used to start the car. Start your car with your phone. Now if your car keys are lost, you can phone them.




ezak5. eZak Mobi – a NEW Professional All-in-One Mobile point of sales, mobile invoicing, stock inventory and financial accounting App designed for small businesses of all sizes and types. This NEW Solution is an App (software) that runs on mobile smartphones and tablets, which allows small Businesses to record their daily sales transactions, Stock inventory, income and expenses etc, on their smartphones and tablet devices; so that good internal decision making can be enhanced for the benefit of sound development in the presence of valuable data about their businesses. eZak App also connects businesses directly to a wide range of suppliers so that they can compare prices, make online purchase, and, negotiate bulk buy discounts. Click here to visit the site

Source: SA Innovation Summit

Mbali Radebe

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