Top 10 Types Of Girls You Shouldn’t Date

Guys always claim that they don’t have types but they have seasonal “types” only dating a thick girls in winter because they need to be kept warm, or skinny girls in summer because they need some space in their beds and some energy in the evenings. Well I honestly think that if guys have to live up to certain standards for us to pull them out of the friendzone then girls also have to live up to some of the standards set by guys for us to be applicable to be their girlfriends. Well this one is for the guys, there are certainly a few girls you should avoid dating simply because they aren’t the ‘dating’ type.

1. Clingy girls:
The girl that won’t let you walk to the bathroom on a date without sending you a “I miss you” text, this is not cute. Well it’s cute if you do it once in a while after not seeing eachother for almost months. If you go out every night and every 2 mins you’re away she needs to know what you doing, who you doing it with and what you doing after that. This is not cute, it gets annoying. Eventually you’ll end up cheating on her. Clingy girls are easy to spot, if she sends you at least 10 texts and calls 5 times right after your first date, run for your life buddy.Bossy girl

2. Bossy girls:
No one needs to come home from work to another dictator. Bosses are meant for the workplace and not the bedroom. Well formal Bosses are meant for the office space, your lady needs to be a Boss in other areas not telling you what to do when to do it and when to do it. You left your mothers house to be your own person not to find yourself another mother, right?

3. Stingy girls:
The girl that forever relies on your wallet and never opens her handbag when the bill comes. A lady should always try spoil her man when she feels he deserves it. A girl that feels that you should always dig deep into your pocket to pay for HER entertainment is a stingy girl. Share the costs to be fare.bathing girl

4. Gold diggers:
The first thing she liked about you was your big gold watch and the Jordan’s on your feet. Buying her a slab of chocolate is never enough for her, she needs jewellery or gadgets. Yes, she deserves to be spoiled but that doesn’t mean she must now become your responsibility. When you start feeling like a dad, you dating a gold digger.

5. Insecure girls:
“What do you like about me?” ” Is she prettier than me?” if  these sound too familiar then you’re with an insecure girl. You even have to set a reminder on your phone now to remind you that you need to tell your girl that she’s pretty or else, you’re not getting any tonight. This can’t be life, having to constantly reassure someone of their position and value in your life honestly gets tiring.

6. Girls with poor hygiene:
She has a showering timetable, only showers when she needs to see you or step out the house if that’s not happening she chills a day or two without showering simply because “no ones going to see me or smell me today babe”. Buy that girl shower gel and a bath rug so she knows its real. Personal hygiene is very important, clean nails and well done hair included brother.girl doesn't clean up

7. Girls that don’t bother cleaning up after themselves:
She comes over, sleeps in your bed wakes up second and leaves the bed looking like it does. You make breakfast and she still expects you to do the dishes, come on. Your bathroom starts looking like a bathroom in a girls hostel where there are enough toiletries to restock Clicks if needed. A lady always cleans up after herself and cleans her man’s place up accordingly, let her sell herself as “wife” material in the early stages.

8. A girl that doesn’t make the effort to dress up for you:
If she looks good, she feels good. If you see her looking good and other guys looking at her because she looks good then you feel good too, truth. A girl that makes the effort to dress up for you reminds you exactly why you’re with her and how much you appreciate the efforts she makes to look good for you. If she stops dressing up for you when you go out, she’s too comfortable.

9. Girls that don’t smell good:
The right perfume and the right body cream contribute to the almost perfect scent. A desirable scent just makes one seem sexier somehow. If hygiene is not big with her then she probably doesn’t have that scent you’re trying to remember right now.

10. Selfish girls:
Everything is about her and for her and never about you or the both of you. When she speaks you must jump forgetting that you have a life. She takes preference over your friends but she’ll never drop “the girls” for you. No on needs to be in relation with a selfish person it simply just isn’t pleasant at all.

Both parties in the relationship deserve to be happy and satisfied with the other. Ladies need to stop putting so much pressure on the guys and give themselves space to grow first. We both need to make the same efforts to make the relationship to work.

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