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10 Things Successful People Don’t Do

successTo become a successful person you need to see yourself as being successful way before it actually happens. A major part of this statement is dependent on how you think. Your thoughts are what you put your efforts into. So if you’re thinking wrong, chances are you’re gonna end up then you over think things and end up settling for anything. Never working to be the best and always settling for what you have. here are a few pointers to set you off in the right direction:

1. Spend time feeling sorry for themselves. Set backs can happen to any one. in fact, no one can say that they’ve never had a set back. However what distinguishes successful people from the rest is that they don’t spent the day crying over it. Yes its okay to feel disappointed but also get over it. never dwell on failure for too long. learn from it and walk on to the next challenge.

2. Spend too much time on things that are beyond their means. Life is about learning to manage the things that you can and perfecting them and living with those that you cant with acceptance. Instead of spending time complaining about how long the bank queue is, how about you rely to the emails on your phone instead?!

3. Think people owe them something. Your achievements should not affect the people around you negatively. The world owes you nothing just because you’re educated. do things for yourself to better yourself and always work for what you want instead of expecting it someone to give it to you. Its only a success if you’ve honestly worked for it.

4. Nag others. A successful person is persistent, but they never nag. Draw the line between the two.

5. They don’t compare themselves against others. Social comparison is the thief of happiness. Comparing your self with other people makes you loose focus on your own goals. Healthy competition is good but only where its relevant. never envy others’ success, it only closes access to your own success. show genuine happiness for others.

6. They don’t repeat the same mistake. The plan is to learn from failure and mistakes but never repeat it. They know that same actions never produce different results.

7. They never expect quick success. Success takes time and successful people are willing to put in the work. They never expect results over night because if it comes fast, it will disappear just as fast.

8. Worry about what others think. People will always have a lot to say about something that looks unusual. They will defend themselves should need be but they don’t owe anyone an explanation. Their emotions don’t lead them, instead they deal with situations accordingly because they have a reputation to keep up.

9. The words “I can’t” don’t exist in their vocab. If they want something done they will find a way to make it happen. They live by the statement, “whether you think you can or you cant, your right. Replace words such as “I wish” with “I will”.

10. Resist change. They welcome positive change into their life and are willing to be flexible.  They understand that change is inevitable and believe in their abilities to adapt.



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