Top 5 things that will let you know she’s insecure

The biggest fear that most girls have is the fear of not being good enough for the people around them and most commonly not being good enough for their partners in relationships. Insecurity hinders the progress of the relationship but never blame your girlfriend’s insecurities on yourself. It’s simple to deal with insecurity but the important thing is how to deal with it the correct way.

The one important trait that you should have being the boyfriend of an insecure girl is patience; patience is the key to a great and successful relationship. Well of course everyone’s relationship is not the same or we’d all be looking for the same thing from ‘love’ then, so how you handle your partner’s insecurity depends on how serious it is and how it is affecting the relationship you have with them. In not so serious cases, you may be able to look past it. In extremely serious cases, you may have to end up leaving your relationship; all great things come to an end I guess.good enough

  1. Always needing approval about her appearance:
    do I look pretty today? Do you like my hair this way? Always asking about her appearance is a sign of insecurity. You didn’t cause her to become insecure; it takes time for someone to become insecure. An insecure girl needs a patient guy that’s the bottom line. Reassuring her that she’s the right girl for you helps and plays in your favour but this can’t go on forever, if she’s still insecure a year into the relationship she should seek professional help or you should leave the relationship. “It’s not you, it’s me” Gift
  2. Showing Jealousy:
    If she forever wants to be better than females that are in your life. You get a gift from one friend, she gets you 6 gifts. She constantly wants to prove that she can do everything they do and more, not understanding that the ‘relationship’ you have with your friends can’t be compared to the relationship you have with her, they’re on completely different levels.
  3. Constantly smothering you:
    she constantly reminds you of how ‘cute’ you are. Basically doing everything your 10 year old girlfriend would’ve done when you guys were in grade 4; let’s grow up and grow together in a relationship we’re too old to be begging for someone’s love really.
  4. Distrusting the females in your life:
    if she wants to be the only female on ALL your social networking sites. SHE IS INSECURE. She forever wants to know about you talk about with other females. When going through your pictures she somehow ends up reading your messages, not
  5. Constantly calling you when you’re out without her:
    If the boys know that she always calls you when you’re out and they start teasing you about it; she’s insecure buddy. Always wanting to know where you are, who you’re with, are there any PRETTY girls there.

Now I’m not saying break up with her right now, work through the problems or let her know that she has no reason  be insecure. EVERY single girl needs to be reassured once in a while; it’s just the sad truth.


Mbali Ntuli

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