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The Benefit Of Helping Others

In life, everyone wants to do something that is meaningful that serves a purpose. However, when people do not do anything in life to make them feel worth living, they will put a lot of pressure on themselves which will develop into stress. One of the best methods to fulfil a meaningful purpose is through helping others and the community.

helpA satisfied feeling will develop within people when they have done something to make a difference for society. People do not need a lot of money to make a big difference in society because it is not how much money they have, but how bigger of a heart they have.

Helping others builds trust
Certainly at first, many will look on you with suspicion when you offer them something without expecting anything in return. However, it is this expectation that makes this behaviour appreciated if you just keep at it, building up trust. When people realize that you really don’t have an ulterior motive for helping them, they will be extremely grateful.

Helping others comes back to you
You should not do things for people with the motive of getting something in return, it will undermine all the other benefits of helping others – reducing trust, and even having an effect on your happiness if you don’t get back what you perceive to be ‘equal value’. Helping others should always be its own reward, but it just so happens that it brings more. By putting others first, every aspect of your life can take on new meaning.

Helping others improves society
The “Pay it forward” mentality is growing in popularity as more people realize we have transcended scarcity and no longer need to compete for survival. With a growing number of people inclined to help others without asking anything in return, our attitude changes to be more accommodating, more giving, and more willing to help. This in turn changes the atmosphere around us.

You Learn New Skills

Doing community service can help you gain new skills and learn many things hands-on that are great for your resume. If you are currently unemployed, doing community service is a great way to bridge the gap in between jobs and gain important experience and skills. If you are just starting out in the job market, volunteering will ease you into the world of work and assist you in understanding what is expected of you at a place of employment.

Most volunteers are required to go through a period of extensive training, and everything you learn as a volunteer can be very useful to you on your job search. You could learn of the use certain computer programs, office equipment or even learn event planning. All are skills that can help you get the job of your dreams!

Tips on helping others
• Call a friend to see how she’s doing
• Cook a meal for the family
• Smile at a stranger in the street
• Hold the elevator door for others

Even though a small generosity might not have a big impact at the moment, many small generosities could make a big difference. However, people should be careful when others ask favours. Sometimes it is perfectly fine to say no to favours.

Ways to Volunteer:
• School or tutoring program
• Clean up a local park
• Work with immigrants
• Community events
• Volunteer as a coach
• Local hospital or clinic

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