How To Balance Work And Social life

All work with no play is boring; we are taught that only by learning and working we may achieve what we want. That is true but you need to have a balance and have fun too with your family and friends, you sure deserve it.

You need to find things to escape to when the work load is becoming too much, Even though finding this balance can be challenging, the positive effect it will have on your overall health and wellness will be more than worth the effort.

Take breaks. If there are things that are not of importance you can eliminate to do later. Ease a little more play time/ relaxation time into your schedule, but not too much! You don’t want to be lazy!


Go out with friends. Pick up the phone and call – don’t wait for your phone to ring. Maybe the reason they not calling is because they think you busy so let them know you available.

Work out a better work/life balance. Try letting your family and friends help you for a change. Learn to delegate some work responsibilities and make an active choice to give more time to your family and friends. All work and no play makes one a dull boy/girl.

Manage your time wisely. Most people don’t know how to manage their time, they get involved in too many activities and not knowing how to assert themselves by learning how to say “no”. Time management is especially important for especially those work and study at the same time who and since they can suck up every available minute if you let it. You don’t have to participate in everything; if you can’t do something learn to say “no”.
Some simple and inexpensive ways to have fun : reading a good book, watching a funny movie or TV show, taking a walk or a run, going to the gym, going to a party, or having a heart to heart talk with a friend.

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