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Scandal! to Start Airing 7 Days A Week

Scandal! to Start Airing 7 Days A Week. We are used to soapies airing midweek, from Monday to Friday. Scandal! is now making history as the first soapie/drama to air everyday. This is great news for viewers as now they don’t have to wait for Monday after Friday episodes.

“Scandal! is coming to your screen 7 days a week,” they announced on social media.

Scandal! remains one of the most loved shows on TV. When many shows continue to get canned, the award winning soapie has stood the test of time. Many love Scandal! for its engaging storyline and talented cast members. The show is also relatable as it tackles issues such as drugs, disobedient kids, infidelity in marriages, corruption, fake pastors, slay queens and so forth. Another important fact that draws viewers is the fact that storylines do not get dragged.

At the moment one of the lead characters Dintle Nyathi is going through the most. After fighting for her daughter to get out of jail fro drugs, Dintle ended up being hooked herself. She is now in rehab, where now her life is more in danger than she was outside. Scandal! is bringing drug awareness to viewers, showing how easily one can get hooked.

There is also Madala and Tlhogi whose marriage was affected by infidelity. The couple is trying to work things out, and get back together. On the other hand Madala and Taps’ friendship has severely suffered as the latter dated Tlhogi during the breakup. With Scandal now airing everyday, we anticipate more drama and top entertainment.

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