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Nomzamo Mbatha In Mourning

Nomzamo Mbatha In Mourning. Here recent tweets have bee a clear indication that she lost someone dear to her. Nomzamo Mbatha has finally opened up about her loss, getting empathy from fans and followers.

The award winning actress, media personality and Goodwill Ambassador is mourning one of the Nomzamo Lighthouse scholars and beneficiary. It looks like the individual, going by the name, Chibimba might have died from suicide. This has triggered Nomzamo, who lost her sister Clara in the same manner a couple of years ago.

💔🕊️ I have been carrying a little pocket of grief this past week.
One of our @nomzamo_lighthouse scholars and beneficiaries succumbed to his deepest pain and suffering. The weight of hopelessness far exceeding his will to live.
I’m deeply triggered in many ways and my heart aches for his family and closest friends,
” Nomzamo said.

In one of her posts Nomzamo shared a conversation she had with Chibimba. The student showed gratitude to Nomzamo, who in turn shared that she was looking forward to his graduation.

My heart also aches because there was a promise to see him through to graduation day… “hope you can be there…” and now, here we are.
It is most unfair because there was never a bone or air of giving up in his spirit. He galvanised everyone around him and had a self belief and fight in him that was so remarkable. I am sad that this is not a graduation post. That I don’t get to witness your summit Chibimba.
But I am certain, you are free of the pain and worry and burden of this world. Those left behind, are not free of the pain and questions you have left behind. You were far more valuable, far more loved in the physical and there are many many many who would’ve continued to hold your hand in the fight for your life. 💔🕊️ I wish this was a graduation picture post. I wish with all my heart
💔,” she added.

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