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Murdah Bongz All Emotional After DJ Zinhle Surprised Him With A Brand New Car

Murdah Bongz All Emotional After DJ Zinhle Surprised Him With A Brand New Car. Their love is absolutely beautiful to watch. When many people mocked how they run their blended family, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz remained unfazed, and continued to nourish their love the best way they know how.

Although they are constantly working, the Mohosanas always make time for one another. Be it traveling, vacations, dates, events, or performing at the same gigs, the couple always serve goals when together. On social media, Zinhle and Murdah hype each other, for the world to see what love is all about.

Recently Murdah celebrated his 37th birthday, and Zinhle made it memorable by throwing him a cowboy themed birthday party. We all know that the multi award winning DJ, media personality and entrepreneur doesn’t play when it comes to hosting. She made sure that her man’s party was one for the books. On top of it all Zinhle surprised hubby with a brand new car as a birthday present.

Upon seeing his gift, Murdah ran to Zinhle, embracing her in a tight hug. This left many people impressed, because as much as Murdah appreciates the car, his wife is the actual prize. He was touched by Zinhle’s gesture, and let out some tears, as he walked to the car. This will definitely be one of the best birthdays he will remember to times indefinite.

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