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Mixed Reactions As Skomota Makes It As A Case Study in An Examination Paper

Mixed Reactions As Skomota Makes It As A Case Study in An Examination Paper. Celebrities are well known individuals, and are of public interest. Normally their lives are followed by youngsters, as they love their lifestyles and at times, aspire to be them.

One celebrity who trends almost everyday is Skomota. He acclaimed to fame through his unique dance, which he now showcase at major events. Skomota also travels the world, where he gets booked to perform for international audiences. He was also used by some political parties for their door-to-door campaigns, and Moja Love TV approached him for a reality show,. It is no doubt that Skomota is a man of influence.

Moving all the way to the top, with his influence, Skomota recently got featured in an examination paper. Students were asked to study his picture carefully and answer questions that followed. The paper made its way to social media, where netizens are sharing different views about it. Many are not happy with the Department of Education, for what they are subjecting learners to.

On the other hand, there are those who feel, this caused a stir because the celebrity in question is Skomota. They argue that many celebs have been used as case studies in the past, and there has never been a problem. Just because now it is Skomota, there is commotion. What are your views on the matter?

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