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10 Interesting Facts About Robbie Malinga Jnr

10 Interesting Facts About Robbie Malinga JR. He is more known for his flashy lifestyle than anything. There is so much more to Robbie Malinga Jr though, and we have unpacked it.

1 Robbie Malinga JR also known as Rob Mally. The 22 year-old stays with his mom and baby sister.

2. He is the son of the late veteran music producer and singer Robbie Malinga. His father died aged 49 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

3. The rising star’s hustle is being a social media influencer as well as a musician. Robbie has shared some of his music in his YouTube channel.

4. Robbie took over his dad’s Instagram account immediately after his passing, shocking a number of fans and people in the industry.

5. On the account which has 105k followers, Robbie shows off some expensive cars designer clothes and international trips. This is the main thing that got him the attention from the media and the public.

6. Despite his controversial lifestyle, Robbie, is a philanthropist at heart. In 2019, he shared that he wants to start distributing boy necessities to hoods around the country.

7. A year ago, Robbie, helped 40 less fortunate families and school kids around the country with groceries. “It’s so lit to be able to help people when unemployment keeps rising by the day,” he said.

8. He has just added a feather to his cap as a reality show star. Robbie is part of the cast for Born Into Fame.

9. The reality show follows six young personalities with famous parents as they try to create their own success outside of their family legacies.

10. Robbie acknowledges being born into fame as a blessing and it is something that can help one spread light and reach their full potential.

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