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Mmatema Takes A Moment to Appreciate Her Husband

Mmatema Takes A Moment to Appreciate Her Husband. This is what 5 years of marriage and two kids later should be like. The love between Mmatema and Tshepo Gavu grows in leaps and bounds as they count the years and milestones.

The couple have been blessed with two kids, Ethan and Liana Gavu. From their social media content Mmatema and Tshepo, it is evident how dedicated they are as spouses and parents. The two, despite their busy schedules set time aside to nurture their beautiful family.

A couple of days back, Mmatema took to Instagram to express how much she appreciates her family. She thanked God for her amazing family in a heartfelt post.

In another post, the musician and media personality sang her man’s praises.

“For more depth though, when I met my husband I thought noise was the only way to pass through a point of it’s not heard’, everything needs action and drama😒 ahhh shem. A fihla morwa MamD Gavu and literally changed my life. And that’s just one thing, there’s so much I can count that we both have impacted positively in each other’s lives to have what we have and with that said , it definitely is a pour into me and I’ll do the same thing here and not “I’m expecting you to and that’s it” shooo. 5 years married 10 years together and there’s just so much we keep learning from each other every day. Akg I love marriage. I loooove being married to this guy!
My latest video “how I knew he was the one” is up on YouTube, thank you soo much for the love and lovely comments
,” she gushed.

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