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Mcjunior Accused of Not Settling Payment By Social Media Manager

Mcjunior Accused of Not Settling Payment By Social Media Manager. For someone who said they don’t want to be in the limelight, Mcjunior constantly trends on social media.

A week ago, he made waves after declining after declining Marvin Achi’s tour offer.As a sponsor, Marvin was willing to have the winner join him, at any country he will be in, outside of South Africa. The reality show star and chemical engineer also promised other amazing surprises. Mcjunior politely declined the offer.

He is back topping the trends once again. Social media manager, Xolly Mnyandu claims that while Mcjunior was in the house, she ran his social media accounts. According to her, she was approached by Mcjunior’s sister to help. She and another individual worked tirelessly to ensure his brand’s success. They got data and occasional funds for snacks, and were promised a payment post show.

Throughout McJunior’s journey, we worked tirelessly to ensure his brand’s success. Despite the usual challenges that come with any workplace, we maintained a professional relationship with McJunior’s family and even developed a friendship with his girlfriend.

While McJunior was in the house, his sister made sure we had the necessary resources, including data and occasional funds for snacks. It was always clear that our payment would come once McJunior won, and both his sister and girlfriend were aware of this arrangement,” she said in a statement posted by Musa Khawula.

After McJunior’s victory, Xolly says she was appointed as his PR for a few days. Things changed and she was suddenly blocked on WhatsApp and social media accounts passwords were changed. Despite reaching out, she received no response. McJunior’s girlfriend and sister are also silent during on the issue.

What hurts the most is not just the lack of payment but the lack of communication and respect. Despite our efforts and dedication, McJunior has shown no interest in resolving this matter. His responses have been rude, and he has shown no concern for the promises made to us,” Xollly said.

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