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LaConco Claps Back After Being Called Out For How She Refers to Jacob Zuma

LaConco Claps Back After Being Called Out For How She Refers to Jacob Zuma. Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco has just taken to her Instagram stories to open up about some personal things. Among other things she speaks about her humble upbringing, her virginity, as well as how she fell in love with former president Jacob Zuma.

According to the reality television star presenter and entrepreneur, she was raised in a shack close to Palm Ridge in Johannesburg. Back then, she did not think it was bad to be a squatter camp resident.

It was so clean, and she cooked every meal with love. As a child, I saw nothing bad.”

My mother is not a woman of many words, but I saw how she was content and comfortable as a single mother and how hustling to provide for us was important to her,” she said. 

Life changed and on June 16, 2015, had her first car and was employed as a journalist in Durban. She received an invitation to a Pietermaritzburg march at that time, where it was declared that women who choose to remain virgins should not be coerced or mistreated.

Sharing the juiciest part of her story, LaConco revealed Zuma proposed love to her in March 2016. By June the same year, they were dating. The two were living in a bubble, and others could tell she was in love.

Dated 6 March 2016. Ngashelwa isoka lakwa Zuma, naqoma we were seeing each other here and there for four years.

His circle felt my presence too; some did dig and find my pictures, and some waited until he was ready to introduce me. I was in my era of airports and hotels every week.

Sometimes I would see him for 30 minutes, and he would be fine. This time of my life was a test of being loyal to my values and principles,” she added.

After paying Lobola for LaConco, Zuma gave her an engagement ring. Even though she was engaged to a whole president, she still pursued her dreams. LaConco enrolled in a culinary studies course in 2017.

Staying a virgin for her was a personal choice. “I was never a maiden who kept it for marriage or a husband. After he paid lobola, I never felt the pressure,” she explained.

When she was ready, it happened. LaConco then gave birth to Zuma’s son, Sakha. Sadly, her relationship with Zuma fizzled.

LaConco is currently trending on social media with regards to the information she just shared. One tweep made fun of LaConco calling some one of Zuma’s age, isoka.

Not LaConco calling former president Jacob Zuma ” isoka lakwa Zuma ” That’s her ancestor,” they said.

Without wasting any time, LaConco fetched the individual real quick. “Let me teach you, “isoka” it’s a Zulu terms that means he has many women that he is romantically involved with. It has nothing to do with his age.”

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