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Inside Anele Mdoda’s Epic 40th Birthday Celebration

Inside Anele Mdoda’s Epic 40th Birthday Celebration. It was indeed a Vanity Affair. Anele Mdoda went all out for her 40th birthday celebration, where she was flanked by family, friends and industry peers.

Anele is well known for throwing extravagant parties, either for herself, or loved ones. The multi-award winning media personality and producer definitely prepared for this one. She hosted a Vanity Affair-themed party in Johannesburg, over the weekend, to mark her 40th birthday. From her gorgeous dress, being the main entertainment, she made sure her party was one for the books.The fun-loving Anele also took to the stage to do Karaoke including a Justin Bieber song, Peaches.

Among those who attended were Sizwe Dhlomo, Zozibini Tunzi and Sithelo Shozi. Blogger Phil Mphela was in attendance and shared all the action. Anele’s father took to the podium to thank everyone for attending.

Check out some of the activities, shared by Anele and some of those who attended her party below.

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