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“If I Am Wrong Educate Me Without Offending Me, My business and Employees,” DJ Zinhle

“If I Am Wrong Educate Me,” DJ Zinhle After Being Dragged for Her Views On SA Youth Being Unemployable. One thing about social media, today you get praised, and the next day you get dragged. DJ Zinhle, as a well known personality, goes through this every now and then.

This time around the celebrated DJ, reality show star and entrepreneur is trending over the views she recently shared. Zinhle was interviewed on Radio 702, where she spoke about the unemployment crisis in the country. She also acknowledged that there is a skills shortage, and shared her struggles of finding just three people for her accessories store, Era by DJ Zinhle.

One thing about South African youth is unemployable, they don’t have SKILLS to do what’s required,” Zinhle said.

Immediately after the clip of the interview was shared on Twitter, Zinhle trended. Many tweeps are not happy with her views, and went on to attack her. They feel because she comes from a seemingly privileged position, she feels entitled to attack those struggling. Some personalities like Sizwe Dhlomo and Phil Mphela though, came to Zinhle’s defense. She also took it upon to herself to explain the points she made, and also apologized to those who feel offended.

I apologize if my statement seemed offensive… If I am wrong, you can educate me without offending me, my business and employees. I beg,” Zinhle said.

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