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How Sweet! Connie Ferguson and Her Her Younger Sister Atosie Pilane Show Each Other Some Love

Connie Ferguson and Her Her Younger Sister Atosie Pilane Show Each Other Some Love. Sisters make the best friends in the world. This is definitely the case with Connie Ferguson and Lorato Atosie Pilane. From TV production, traveling the world, to working out, the siblings always serve sisterhood goals.

Connie and Atosie have been close form childhood, and continue to be best of buddies even to date. Losing their mother a couple of years back, obviously made Connie to step it up, and mother her younger sister. Every chance she gets, Atosie appreciates her big sister, for the role she played in her life. Even in her adult life, she looks up to her sister for guidance and support.

Connie also feels blessed to have Atosie in her life. The award winning actress, producer and entrepreneur recently took to Instagram to hype her sister. She sang her sister’s praises and expressed the love she has for her.

I am my sister’s keeper, and she is mine!🥹

I don’t think I say thank you enough for all you are to me my Banas! There isn’t a moment that I am not grateful to God and Moms and Pops for you.🙏🏾 Beyond grateful!🥹 I love you long time Baby Ghel!😍🥰❤️😘
,” Connie said.

In return, Atosie let her sister also feel the love she has for her.

love you so so much BabyGhel… I am because of you❣️✨❣️ like Pops pops would say it is time to harvest. What you are getting from@me is the seeds you planted long time back, now they have blossomed in to great fruits. Ke a go rata San’ and appreciate you more than you know♥️♥️♥️ thank you for being there for me 🥺,” how sweet!

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