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Zolisa Xaluva Receives His Flowers From Impressed Viewers

Zolisa Xaluva Receives His Flowers From Impressed Viewers. He is one of the most talented actors currently gracing our screens. Zolisa Xaluva has killed his roles on shows such as Smoke & Mirrors, Generations, Zabalaza, Igazi, Gomora, The Queen, Hustle, Rhythm City and Kings of Joburg.

The award winning actor is part of the star studded cast, in the new series, Code 13. Set in the gritty heart of the city of Johannesburg, Code 13 follows the story of Bheki Ndlovu played by Zolisa. He is a no-nonsense Johannesburg based detective with a knack for connecting the dots and solving complex cases. A lot of people are used to seeing Zolisa play the bad guy, the villain, but this time around, he is chasing after bad boys, showing off his versatility.

With one episode in, Code 13 is already a hit with viewers. The story began with dangerous prisoners escaping, and by the look of things, they got assisted by powerful individuals with resources. Detective Ndlovu is already on their heels, and one escapee has been nabbed. All the cast members brought their A-game, and viewers are expecting more fire next week Sunday.

Zolisa being lead, did not disappoint either. Everyone is singing his praises and gushing over the talent that he is. Taking to social media some viewers let the man receive his flowers while he can still smell them.

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