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Somizi Makes Vusi Nova Pay After Pulling An April Fool Prank On Him

Somizi Makes Vusi Nova Pay After Pulling An April Fool Prank On Him. Friends like these! It’s not everyday that a heterosexual man and a gay man become best of friends. Vusi Nova and Somizi however are an exception, as we have seen their friendship gets tighter over the years.

The pair travel together, do shows together, hype each other and support each other’s reality shows in a major way. Vusi and Somizi even have a hit song together, how cute. All of this has led to many people out there conclude that the two friends are dating. Somizi and Vusi have however squashed the speculations, insisting that it’s just friendship.

In true friendship style, Vusi recently pranked Somizi. He let his bodyguard call his bestie on April Fool’s day, s saying he was detained at some police cell. The bodyguard said they had a fight with someone, and Vusi stabbed him. The whole thing left Somizi sick with worry.

Today was payback time for Somizi. He called Vusi, claiming that he needed an urgent R1 000 e-wallet. Vusi immediately sent the money, thinking he is helping a friend in a tight space. Little did he know that Somizi was just setting him up. He decided to gift the money to a random fan. Before doing that though, Somizi called Vusi to let him know it was all a prank. What a pair!

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