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“Radio Used to Make Songs Big and Now They Play Big Songs,” Euphonik

“Radio Used to Make Songs Big and Now They Play Big Songs,” Euphonik. Back in the day, hits were heard first on radio. A presenter will play the song over and over, until it grew on listeners. In no time, the song will be a hit, a celebrated national anthem.

Even today, radio is still a very important platform for artists. Radio plays are useful for gaining more fan exposure and increasing sales of musicians’ records. Despite the proliferation of digital music platforms, radio airplay continues to hold significant sway over the masses. It offers unparalleled reach and the ability to amplify music to diverse audiences. Radio also creates a unique bond between listeners and artists, cultivating a sense of community and loyalty.

Euphonik, a musician himself also believes in the power of radio in music. He took to Twitter where he reminisced on the times when radio used to make songs big. The outspoken Euphonik is however disappointed that nowadays radio personalities go for songs that are already big.

Radio used to make songs big and now they play big songs. if I’m wrong which song in the last 5 years has been made popular by radio? I’ll listen on the air,” Euphonik said.

Euphonik used Destiny, a hit song by Malaika as an example. He states that the song was a hidden track on the CD. Destiny was the 13th song, among 14 others. One had to scroll to track 21 to find it.

If it wasn’t for @DJFreshSA playing Destiny relentlessly on his show this song wouldn’t be as big as it is. I made it the whozoo anthem,” he added.

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