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Natasha Joubert Opens Up About Some of Her Vulnerable Moments

Natasha Joubert Opens Up About Some of Her Vulnerable Moments. We all go through those moments, where we feel the world on top of us. Even the people who seem to have it together have their bad days.

Towards the end of 2023, Liesl Mthombeni opened up about her own experiences. The beauty queen and radio personality has a beautiful life, but here and there she also deals with problems. Taking to Instagram, Liesl shared a selfie of herself not in a very good state. On the caption, she revealed that she woke up feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything. This could be because of hard work, or the anxiety caused by wanting to excel in all aspects of life.

Another beauty queen has also opened up about her own struggles. Natasha Joubert has just shared a picture of herself, make up free, and looking a bit upset. The picture was taken back in September 2023, after something big happened in her family.

“I even look at this picture and think… woah, not a good look.😂 I took this picture with the intent of sharing it, because surely other people also go through days of crying the entire day and can’t stop.
There has been a few of these moments I kept in the archives. And this past two weeks I’ve been feeling like I felt on this day. This picture was taken 21 Sept and felt guilty sharing it after only being Miss SA for a month. Something big happened in my family and at the time didn’t have time to process as I usually would,
” Natasha said.

Natasha still have the days of feeling extremely overwhelmed. The good thing though is that she knows how to manage them.

Recently I’ve been struggling feeling happy, full of purpose and like I have energy. I’ve realised how important balance is, the small things that’s actually the big things. Family, my dogs, friends, doing “nothing” and sometimes just being in my feels.
At times you can’t do it all. You can’t always be a power woman, full of energy, feel motivated, feel your most beautiful and manage everyone’s’ expectations.
These past 8 months I have tried to be on top of it, push my boundaries, serve where I can, always be present in what I do and yet still struggle to feel fulfilled. And guess what? Still can’t everyone happy!
In the past 2 months I went for blood-work feeling like something in me is off, lol jokes on me, all my levels are normal and healthy, exhaustion looks different for everyone
,” she added.

Here’s to the final 4 months of my reign, focussing on balance, firm boundaries, rest, finding joy again and appreciating my loved ones!I hope you learn and grow through a season of trial and turbulence. It’s exactly that- a season. Work through it, learn from it and grow past it (little note to myself).
Life is more than what it looks like, but what it feels like. Let’s make the way it feels damn good again!❤️

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