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How Cool! Anele Mdoda Promotes Her Housekeeper Florence to Personal Assistant

Anele Mdoda Promotes Her Housekeeper Florence to Personal Assistant. When most people are complaining about their workplaces, Florence is having the time of her life as an employee. For years, she has worked for Anele Mdoda as a house-helper as well as a nanny.

Florence and Anele are a perfect example of how special the relationship between a worker and an employee can be. In 2017, Anele got Florence an Audi A3 so that she can drive her child, Alakhe, around. To date she and Florence are still together, and their relationship is heartwarming. Anele, Alakhe and Florence are one happy family, and they do almost everything together. A couple of months back, the trio went on an international vacation. Judging from Anele’s content, fun was definitely had.

This past December Anele showed Flo a little a kindness with a Cadbury hamper. She spoke about Flo being the best lasagna maker in the world. Her lasagna is so good when she makes it, she has to make a few to send to Anele’s friends.

When I became a mom, a friend of mine gave me a little advice, she said please don’t ever try compete with anyone that your child loves so much that at times it will look like they love that person more than you. It is a blessing that your child can find a heart that resembles yours, if that happens, consider yourself lucky and cherish it,” Anele said.

On more heartwarming news, Anele recently promoted Florence to the position of PA. This comes after her PA of 9 years, Lungani, got a better job, still under Anele. The multi-award winning media personality and TV producer, was all emotional as she saw both Lungani and Florence’s names on the credits of Masked Singer SA.

So my PA Lungani had always expressed wanting to become a technical director On tv since he started being my PA 9 years ago. Two years ago he started studying at Wits whilst still working with me and this year we made the leap for him to go fully into tv production. He does some work for us and Carte Blanche guys!!!!!! So this then left a gap open for PA for me… after months of Lungani and I looking for his replacement we decided on promoting Florence (our housekeeper and nanny) to my PA and look what made me teary last night… our Florence ( Thuleleni Mlalazi) on the credits of Masked Singer SA!!!!! One month in and Flo is kicking ass. I’m so proud man!!!! High 5 both these two when you see them,” Anele said.

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