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Basetsana Kumalo Takes Us Through Her 3 Day Birthday Celebration

Basetsana Kumalo Takes Us Through Her 3 Days Birthday Celebration. It’s not everyday that one turns 50, hence why, Basetsana Kumalo, had to make her party a very memorable one. The beauty queen, author and media mogul expressed gratitude, to everyone who has made her life amazing. Basetsana also went all out for her celebration, which went on for three days.

Every day of the celebration had a theme. On the first day, the theme was The Color Purple- A Symphony of Elegance. The guests made sure they did not miss, as they looked their absolute best. The lady of the party also looked all sort of gorgeous in a breathtaking designer dress. Saturday night, Basetsana had her Gratitude Gala, with the theme, Best of Couture. Her golden jumpsuit showed that she still has it. The celebrations were wrapped up on Sunday, with a Thanksgiving Picnic themed Floaty and Fun pastels. The guests took advantage of the Easter Sunday, by praise and worship.

“On Friday, the theme for the celebration was The Colour Purple – A Symphony of Elegance. Purple is a colour associated with royalty, luxury, nobility, power, and ambition. It is also used to represent creativity, extravagance, dignity, grandeur, independence, pride, peace, mystery, and magic.

On Saturday, the night of my Gratitude Gala, the style theme was Best of Couture.
And indeed the guests arrived in their finest to embrace a night of art, fine food and memories.

Our final day, Sunday was the Thanksgiving Picnic and the theme was Floaty and Fun pastels. Guests enjoyed praise and worship and the Word, sun and song under the majestic sky with God blessing us right at the end with glorious rain
,” Bassie said.

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