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10 Interesting Facts About Big Brother Mzansi Season IV Runner Up Makhekhe

10 Interesting Facts About Big Brother Mzansi Season IV Runner Up Makhekhe. Many will always remember his laughter, his fashion sense, jokes as well as English, whilst in the house. There is more to Makhekhe though, than meets the eye. Learn more about him from the 10 facts below.

1. Makhekhe is 27 years old, and his full name is Tshepo Tau.

2. The reality show star and aspiring actor was born and raised in Soweto, where he spent his formative years.

3. Details regarding Makhekhe’s early life, family background, and educational journey however, remain relatively scarce at this time

4. His breakthrough came with his inclusion as a housemate on the popular South African reality television show Big Brother Mzansi.

5. When he joined the Big Brother Mzansi house, he was unemployed. Makhekhe also added that he was single.

6. From the get go, Makhekhe showcased his readiness for the challenges ahead. He was full of life, already cracking jokes.

7. He formed a cool brotherhood with BravoB, but just four days in the competition, they breached Big Brother’s rules regarding language. This led to the disqualification of Bravo, and Makhekhe was given two strikes.

8. Makhekhe managed to win the hearts of viewers as well as fellow housemates. He became a formidable force, and was never in the bottom three during voting.

9. This past Sunday, he became the runner up, missing the grand prize by a mere 0.07 percent of the votes

10. His fans, The Bakers, have thus taken to X on Sunday to ask for Makhekhe’s banking details to donate money.

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