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Sbahle Mpisane Shares the Amount of Weight She Lost Since 2022

Sbahle Mpisane Shares the Amount of Weight She Lost Since 2022. Losing weight, is not easy, more so if naturally you are big boned.. Many have tried crash diets, intensive workouts, surgeries and pills to shed off weight, but still can’t reach their ultimate weight goal.

One person who has always been about fetching her body is Sbahle Mpisane. Known as the Fitness Bunny, Sbahle works out, and lives a very healthy lifestyle. Just like many people, she always tries this and that, to see what really works for her body. In 2022, she embarked on the RID weight loss program, which offers a low GL eating program. This worked for Sbahle, who lost 15kgs and managed to maintain the weight until today.

The reality show star and influencer wants to go on the program again. In February 2022 Sbahle was 97kgs, and last week she was 76kg on scale, which means she has so far lost 21kg. Her goal is to be 70kgs, of course without dropping a sweat.

As a Fitness Bunny Sbahle admits that many expect her to encourage people would to go to gym, mind their calorie intake, remain consistent, be patient, and so forth. She however notes that these processes take long before bearing results. “But honestly speaking, these always an easy way out for us all which has resulted in me rejoining the affordable RID weight loss program,” Sbahle said.

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