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Lerato Modise Addresses A Misleading Social Media Post Written Using Her Name

Lerato Modise Addresses A Misleading Social Media Post Written Using Her Name. She is one of the most talked about housemates of Big Brother Season IV. Although Lerato Modise was evicted two weeks back, somehow housemates and social media still talk about her.

She became the talk of town after she was evicted from the game two weeks back. The reality show star’s fate was sealed in the fate room. As the nominees picked green balls, Lerato picked a red ball, which saw her proceed to the last stage, where she had to face the wheel. There were only two option, eviction and final. Should the arrow point at eviction, Lerato was to leave the game, if it landed on finals, she was going straight to the finals. Sadly for her it landed on eviction, and she is out of the house.

Being out of the house, it became evident for her that, she wasn’t much of a fan favorite. Many social media users said she was arrogant, and didn’t treat other housemates well. It was clear that while in the house, Lerato was not close to the likes of Mc Junior, who has a lot of fans outside. Because of that, Mc Junior fans and other fan bases have been giving her a hard time.

Lerato has however made it clear that, whatever that happened in the house was just a game. Even though that;s the case, Lerato has been turned into a villain, with false social media posts made under her name. There is now a social media account using her name, which shared that it opposes Mc Junior winning the show. Lerato has however clarified that she is not the person behind the account.

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