Breaking News: Liema Leaves Big Brother Mzansi Season IV With A Big Cheque

Breaking News: Liema Leaves Big Brother Mzansi Season IV With A Big Cheque. The fate room has come with yet another interesting twist. When it was introduced two weeks ago, Willy had the opportunity to pick between a punishment, and immunity. Luckily the arrow landed on immunity and he was removed from the nominations list.

A week ago, Lerato Modise was not so lucky though. After picking a red ball, Lerato proceeded to the last stage, where she had to face the wheel. There were only two option, eviction and final. Should the arrow point at eviction, Lerato was to leave the game, if it landed on finals, she was going straight to the finals. Sadly for her it landed on eviction, and she was out of the house immediately.

Once again, this week, nominated housemates had to seal their fate in the eviction room. Liema Pantsi, picked the red ball, and as such she had to go for round two of the game. She had two options, of taking the R250k cheque, and leave the hose, or just stay, and compete for the R2million prize money. Liema had one minute to make the decision, and she decided to take the money and bounce.

Although she has been a strong contender, The game can be tricky, more so towards the end. Her taking the money was received with ululations by happy housemates. The likes of Makhekhe, Willy and Sinaye applauded her for making such a great decision.

Now the nominated housemates up for possible are Makhekhe, MC Junior, Sinaye, Mpumi, Willy and Zee. By virtue of winning the Head of House competition, Ghost is not up for eviction. He is also going straight to the finale.

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