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Bathu SA Reaches Out to Willy

Bathu SA Reaches Out to Willy. One thing about big brother, it makes participant attract brands. Some of the former housemates are ambassadors of major brands in the country. One can thinks of the likes of Khosi Twala, Thato Mokoena and Gash1, who are doing amazing things out there.

Big Brother Season IV has just a few days before the show’s finale, but already the housemates are owning the industry. Through their wager tasks and competitions, these housemates have showcased their talents, among them singing, acting, script writing, directing, presenting, dancing and so forth. It is quite evident that very soon, most of them will be doing amazing things in the industry.

One of the housemates who stands out, is definitely Willy. The reality show star and entertainer won most of the arena games on Fridays. He was also the life of every party in the house, showcasing his impressive dance skills. Another noticeable thing about Willy was his love for local brands, particularly Bathu. He rocked different Bathu shoes in the house, something that many people noticed.

On Willy’s social media page, his handler wrote, “Our boy Willy from this season of Big Brother Mzansi (Top 7) really loves your brand and he reps it through and through. It’s literally all he wore his entire stay in the house and we know it would make his entire life if y’all recognized him please.🥺🫶🏿

Without wasting time, Bathu responded, “Hi @Wizly_wii. Thank you for the support. We love you too. We have reached out via Instagram DM.”

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