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Zikhona Sodlaka Celebrates Her Son Turning Three Years

Zikhona Sodlaka Celebrates Her Son Turning Three Years. They grow up fast, don’t they! Just the other day, Zikhona Sodlaka was announcing her pregnancy, and now her bundle of joy is a whole three year old boy.

The multi-award winning actress, might be booked and busy, but never too busy for her son. Zikhona always posts about Luphawu Sodlaka, every chance she gets. The two almost everything together from dates to playing. Today marks a very special day for Luphawu as he celebrates three years.

And just like that, he is THREE YEARS OLD 🕯️
Life is better with you my guy, just better.
Xhanti Luphawu Sodlaka
,” his proud mom said.

Zikhona then broke down all the facts she has experienced regarding parenting. “All the rumors are true about parenting, it’s tough, challenging, hard, you’ll pray for your nanny, lonely, fulfilling, you’ll pray like you never have, wrestle a bear, be a bear, cook like a chef, cook quick meals, ask others for advice, ask no one for advice, join mommy whatsapp groups, laugh out loud, cry in the car, throw a shoe at the child (almost), miss your parents, nurture your community, listen better, just Be better!!! Oh And deal with baby weight for what feels like FOREVER 🤦🏾‍♀️😬,” Zikhona added.

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