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Natasha Thahane Surprises Her Grandmother With An Epic House Makeover

Natasha Thahane Surprises Her Grandmother With An Epic House Makeover. One thing about Natasha Thahane, she is big on family, more especially the elderly ones. Her social media is filled with great memories of herself with grandmothers, great grannies as well as great aunts and uncles.

The talented actress and media personality also spoils them to bits. Natasha has just done a major gesture to one of her grandmothers. She took it upon herself to renovate the elderly woman’s house. To Natasha this is something she has always longed to do, as a traditional woman. Engaging the services of Twinx Interiors, she gave the house a fresh new look. The walls and interior decor company left Natasha and granny happy with their amazing work. When unveiling the house to her granny, the senior citizen was over the moon.

Growing up in Africa, we dream big about making our families proud and strive to be a blessing to them. Personally, I’ve always longed to give my grandma’s house a makeover. After years of tiny tweaks here and there, @twinxinteriors swooped in last week and ‘did the thangs’ to her lounge and bedroom. They turned my grandma’s cozy humble spaces into a jaw-dropping oasis,” Natasha said in pride.

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