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Bontle Modiselle Pens A Touching Tribute As Priddy Ugly Drops His Final Album

Bontle Modiselle Pens A Touching Tribute As Priddy Ugly Drops His Final Album. A couple that hypes one another, definitely stays together. This explains the longevity of Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly’s relationship.

Today the Molois are having a memorable day as, Priddy Ugly has dropped his much anticipated album, DUST. This is a big one for the award winning rapper as he announced that this is his last and final body of work. Despite Priddy Ugly calling it quits, he still has what it takes to dominate the SA Hip Hop scene with his smooth yet powerful lyrics. A week ago, the Ntja’ka hitmaker announced a new track titled No Plans, which serves as a prelude to DUST. The track has been received well by the masses, hailing Priddy as one of the best in the game.

His wife Bontle describes DUST as his biggest work ever. To add on to that, Bontle just penned a heartfelt tribute on her husband’s career as a musician.

“Soil. Mud. And now Dust. The end of the trilogy.

That’s it. It feels so final. But you really did it. I’m Teary eyed as I type this because I know what creating this album felt and looked like for you. Some days were hellish, others were a peace you fought for you…if you had the fight in you. And often, that fight was just to stay alive. Extremes of everything. Priddy — Ugly. What an ending.”

You’ve always said your pen is your prayer…I know God hears you, and those who hear you too, will feel you too. You hold a mirror up to allow people to see themselves or reflect the reality of a society they live in. Love it or hate it, it will make you feel a way,” Bontle said.

Bontle has been privileged to hear the first drafts almost exactly a year ago, flying back on her return from Utah NBA All Star. This got her all emotional, probably because of the lyrics and talent. From the album, Bontle’s personal favs, are ‘Falling’ and ‘No Plan’. Together with her daughter Afrika they love, ‘What’s the Math’ which Bontle features in. There is also ‘Broken Home [Afrika’s Prayer]’, which has her in a chokehold.

Bontle also expressed gratitude to supporters and naysayers. In their own way, everyone of the contributed to the success of the album. She then hyped her man, for the gift he has. Bontle wishes Priddy nothing but the best, and he declared herself his number one fan.

I’m grateful to those who held you down, those who ran, sat, tussled, and walked the journey with you. Grateful to those who mocked you because that too was a fuel to your fire. Every contribution on this body of work is beautiful.

Your mind is beautiful, your soul rare, your gift is special. And May your journey of music continue to be the prayers that answers many a prayer – beyond yourself. Thank you for bearing it all. I’m so proud of you. I love you @priddy_ugly – signed, your No.1 Fan.” how sweet!

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