22 Lucrative Side Hustles You Can Try Out in 2024

22 Lucrative Side Hustles You Can Try Out in 2024. With meagre salaries and high cost of living, people have no choice but to supplement their income. Check out the following side hustle ideas to see the one that you can venture into this year and beyond.

1. House Cleaning

There are individuals who don’t have housekeepers, but also don’t have time to spring clean their houses. You can tap into this niche business in your spare time. Start by cleaning houses in your area and when your clientele grows, you can hire agents to cover more clients’ houses in a day. 

2. Laundry Services

If you have a washing machine, or are not lazy to do handwash, then this one is for you. The best part about this side hustle idea is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, but some clients may request a callout. A laundry service is simple to run since your primary resources, a washer and dryer are cheap to maintain and reliable.

3. Landscape Artist

Are you passionate about gardening and find it therapeutic? Well, here is yet another simple way of earning from your favourite pastime. Start small with clients in your area, and grow your clientele with time.

4. Window Cleaning

With your squeegee and soap in hand, you can start cleaning windows in your neighbourhood. Slowly expand to other places with time and enjoy an easy side hustle that needs very little capital.

5. Car Wash Service

Car washes are booming across the country. You can easily have your piece of this pie by offering your services in your area. If your area is full of car washes, then look for a space somewhere, where car wash services might be needed.

6. Babysitting

If you are a natural at child nurturing, this side hustle idea is right up your alley. You can schedule multiple clients when your service expands by getting a central place where you can mind all the children.

7. Make-up Artist

The best part about this side hustle idea is that it’s usually done during weekends, evenings and holidays. It’s mostly a one-person job, meaning you won’t need to hire anyone for help, making it both affordable to start and simple to run.

8. Nail Technician

If you can produce extraordinary, cheeky, classic or even show-stopping nail designs, then why not make money while doing it? The simplest way to start is with your family and friends, then slowly expand your services with time. 

9. Personal Trainer

With the country fast becoming health conscious, why not dedicate your time to assist clients in reaching their fitness goals? Make money on the side while getting fit yourself. It’s one of the simplest and cheap side hustle ideas to start as you don’t need many resources.

10. Online Teaching

You no longer need to travel to the Far East to teach English, Math or any other subjects you’re an expert in. Now all you need to get started with this side hustle idea is an online-acquired qualification and access to a good internet connection, and you are good to go.

11. Photography and Videography

Both services are often required in the evenings, weekends and during holidays, giving you the time you need to focus on your main hustle. With the right skill and equipment, turning your passion for still and motion art into a side hustle is easy. 

12. Buying and Selling

One of the oldest side hustles there is, buying and selling is a tested way of making money on the side. Simply find your product offering, buy it at wholesale prices and sell it for a profit. You can go to China Mall, and do some stocking, then come sell to people in your community, school or workplace.

13. Baking

Advertise your goods on social media with pictures, bake according to the orders you get and deliver them to your clients. You can take orders according to your capacity or hire an assistant for those busy days.

14. Catering Services

Food is so diverse; there is a lot you can focus on here. You can either find a niche market according to a specific taste or keep it general with basic meal preparation services. You can also cater at events like funerals, weddings and any gathering.

15. DJing 

This side hustle idea has taken off within the last decade and has now embraced female DJs as well. The openness in the market means getting gigs is that much easier.

16. Uber or Bolt

Simply sign up onto the app and register your vehicle. You don’t need to start a transport company. If you have a car, know your way around and have spare time, it’s an excellent way of making some extra cash.

17. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the cheap side hustle ideas you can start if you have prior knowledge in a specific academic area. You can become a tutor for either primary, high school or tertiary students. You are also free to choose whatever subject you want to focus on and the level of education you are comfortable with.

18. Event Planning

If you have a knack for organization and enjoy planning events, you might consider starting an event planning business. You can help individuals and businesses plan weddings, parties, corporate events, and more.

19. Blogging

With constant access to the internet, you can start a blog and monetise it through affiliate marketing where companies advertise on your blog. Make money from commission received for every sale that goes through from people clicking on the adverts.

20. Freelance Content Writing

If you love writing and are good at it, then you can offer your skill and services to different companies on a freelance basis. If you already have access to a computer and good internet connection, freelance writing can be a cheap side hustle idea to start.

21. Translator

Let your linguistic skills work for you. If you know one or more national or international languages, then you can offer your skills as a translator to companies.

22. Social Media Management 

If you’re active on social media and have a knack for creating engaging content, you might consider offering your services as a social media manager. You can help businesses and individuals build and maintain their online presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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