10 Money Making Side Hustles Suitable for Students

10 Money Making Side Hustles Suitable for Students. Instead of waiting to complete your studies, before making money, there are some hustles you can try out as a student. Check out some of them below;

1. Edit Your Classmates’ Work

If you fancy yourself a decent writer, you can make a nice side hustle out of proofreading and editing your classmates’ assignments. Decide what you’d like to charge per page, then advertise in your dorm, classes, or on your student portal. If you have the time and inclination, consider expanding your services to students worldwide by becoming an editor who can be found on websites such as Essay Edge or Scribendi.

2. Become a Tutor

Are you especially talented at math, chemistry, or another subject that tends to stump others? If so, consider offering your own tutoring services! Parents want their children, whether in elementary school or in college to succeed, and often pay big bucks for tutoring services. Be aware that this side hustle requires not only a true knowledge of a subject, but also a knack for teaching. If you can handle those two elements, then choose your hourly rate and get started!

3. Offer Music or Sports Lessons

College students with talent in music or sports might find giving lessons to be a lucrative side hustle. You can offer lessons to young children, your fellow college students, or adults. It usually only requires equipment that you would already own. Or you might possibly rent from your college’s music or athletics department. Advertise at local gyms and music stores, community websites, and schools, then choose your own hours and rates.

4. Become a Street Performer

Teaching music lessons may not be for you, but what about performing? Depending on where you live, performing on a busy street or in a crowded park could bring in a nice chunk of change. Just make sure you acquire any licenses required by your city.

5. Entertain Kids

This one is going to take a little bit of capital, but if you’re willing to invest in a costume or two, entertaining children at birthday parties can be an excellent side hustle for college students. First, choose your entertainment. Will you appear as your favorite Disney princess? Dress as a clown and make balloon animals? Awe children with your amateur magic skills? Once you decide, advertise on local community pages, and get ready to spend your weekends partying

6. Starts a Photography Business

If photography is your thing, don’t just stop your side hustle at stock photos. Start a part-time photography business in your town or hood. Put together a portfolio, then advertise your services to local families and your fellow students. The best part is you can choose not only your own prices, but your own hours.

7. Give Tours

If you live in a “touristy” city or town, becoming a tour guide can prove to be the perfect side hustle for a student. Decide what it is you know a little about (local architecture, the best local eateries, legendary ghost stories), then come up with a salable tour route. If you’re too unsure about your local environment to take money from tourists, visit your university’s admissions office instead. Perhaps they’re looking for tour guides to show prospective students around.

8. Become a Handyman or Woman

No matter where you live, there will be people who either cannot do simple household repairs, or don’t want to. If you have a handy skill or two, consider offering your services as a handyman or handywoman. Advertise your skills on your local services website, or with flyers at various local businesses. You can schedule your own hours and set your own rate for each task, but be aware that people are often willing to pay good money to have someone swing a hammer, install a new light fixture, or put together a new piece of furniture.

9. Offer Lawn and Gardening Services

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, consider taking on the side hustle of gardening, landscaping, or mowing lawns. Though you may have to invest in a weed whacker and mower, chances are your investments will pay off quickly. Advertise to local homeowners, and you’ll likely find that they’re much more willing to pay a college student than one of those large landscaping companies.

10. Clean Houses or Offices

If you can handle some dust and grime, then cleaning homes and offices can prove to be an excellent side hustle. Towns and cities have dozens of cleaning agencies that cater to businesses, families with busy parents, or the elderly. However, you may find it worth your while to advertise yourself and work alone. This route would allow you to choose your own rate either per hour or per room, along with the hours that work best for you.

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