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Proverb Shows Off His Exam Results

Proverb Shows Off His Exam Results. If there is someone constantly reminding and inspiring others to excel in their own studies, it’s Proverb. He is quite big on education, and ever since enrolling for his MBA, Proverbs always shares his progress on social media.

It feels like just yesterday when Proverb announced that he was furthering his studies. Now the award winning rapper, media personality, producer and author is close to finishing his studies. Proverb enrolled with Regenesys Business School pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration about two years ago. Despite his hectic schedule in the entertainment industry, he has never neglected his studies, and is almost finishing his course.

So far everything is going well for working Proverb, with impressive results. In March this year, he received the results of year two, which he passed with flying colors. Proverb shared that he got a distinction in Financial Management II exam, which he modestly said was a pleasant surprise. He is almost done with his last module exams before bagging his Bachelors of Business Administration Degree from Regenesys Business School

Proverb has just shared the first of his final examinations results, and he did exceptionally well. He bagged himself a distinction for Research Methadology III, how cool! He is now left with two final exam results, and we are pretty sure he is going to nail them as well.

1st of my last 3 final exam results in, and I’m proud to accept a distinction for Research Methadology III 👨🏾‍🎓,” a proud Proverb said.

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